Drop prize reset!?

Suddenly my drop prize has reset!
I already messaged support but is this a common issue?
I don’t think I can get diamond this week.

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It resets every Three days.

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hey me too, I was aiming for super rare, and I am now on common

It resets once a week.


If the game glitches, and you enter prize drop, it will prompt you to buy a card pack or an upgraded card pack. If you refuse, you will loose all progress.

If you happen to notice the game gliched(paddocks jump to max coins, food production is completed). Exit the game and then come back. All will be back to normal.

But if you entered prize drop and don’t want to loose your progress, immediately log out(drop connection) and come back into the game. It should still keep your progress.


Geez what a weird bug!
I just wanted to click the fuse button quickly!

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That bug has been there a few years now. If your prepared for it, it can actually be useful.

The new glitch is the one that gives you max coins when you log in. I log in to collect coins and forget to check right after I touch beacon and notice I was already at max coins. So I end up wasting a ton of coins.

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Think they are going to fix it?

I have received a diamond pack from Ludia and got a concaventor!
Thanks ludia!
Additionally I also opened a vip pack with a concaventor, three awesome carnivores now as I already had one!

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Now it resets once a day. An hour before the events begin.