Drop rate info on incubators


Going to post pics from another game to give you ideas Ludia.


Elaborate on what you want them to implement from these sceenshots.


you didnt find the subject line to be super informative?


This is from another Ludia game. Jurassic World The Game. This stuff circled in red i don’t believe was put into the game until Apple/Google changed their TOS to require it. Why JWA alive gets away with it i have no idea. Every incubator should say, 99% chance at concavenator, spino gen 2, secodonto, koolasuchus. then individually list the minuscule odds of getting the others.


My son prefers to play this over JWA


you have to assume everyone is ignorant and needs things spelled out for them.


Im sorry - Id love to see the drop rate info of the stuff on the incubators. If you are selling me an inc woth a trex pic, what are the odds ill actually get trex? Etc.


because it made and is continuing to make zero sense for me.


Thats game look cool what the name?


again, youre assuming everyone has your level intelligence. lol. i like to imagine im always talking to small children on this forum and i feel like if you dont explain in detail the point youre making, people may be unsure of what youre trying to say. ive witnessed that multiple times on here.


Legendary: game of heroes. Not competition, totally different kind of game.


I downloaded and played this game, still on my phone, from the stupid offerwall… Fun game, easy to play, stupid Tapjoy denied offer said it was never downloaded on my phone… I hate Tapjoy. Totally off subject. But I have a pic someone posted that I follow to calculate my incubator drops. It follows a pattern. From an epic it is blue, grey, blue, blue, then gold again.


Ah I see… I jumped the gun with my previous post, I assumed you were talking about pvp incubator drops. This I completely agree with, too many times I have received an incubator from a straight tower or even a purchase, that shows one thing and doesn’t give anything in it. I bought two or three of the Halloween incubators in hopes of getting a lot of velociraptor DNA, and ended up with no velociraptor DNA and only Tany. Odds and chances plus a list of what can be included would be helpful. For purchases and strike tower incubators.