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Drop the blood bath

Just why? It’s pointless and just a little creepy. Whichever one of the dev team thought it would be cool maybe needs a psychic eval!
Maybe if ludia spent as much time on fixing bugs and stopping cheats as they do on graphics there would be happier players.


Turned mine off its in settings


As @Wanda says, you can turn it off. A few months ago people were asking for it, so they are only adding an option for those people,


It makes me a little queasy too, but you CAN turn it off. Personally, it just looks a little…splashy to me. It reminds me of vomit.

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I don’t mind the blood but the splashy sound makes me laugh


Just turn it off on settings i love it makes the game more realistic


ABACABB :grin: remember that code from mortal kombat to turn on blood? i dont mind it


I looove the bloooooood…

Except when monomimus is wimpering in a puddle…


Yah seriously ludia kids play this game!

Then go into settings and turn it off. Easy.


I’m not the kid! But there might be some kid who just gets in one day and sees blood go everywhere and cries. Then the parent deletes the game then ludia loses customers.

Kids love blood. It’s the adults here that apparently have issues with it, lol.


Seriously, how are people raising your kids? Crying over a bit of blood? While there’s huge teeth and zombie looking dinos with scary attacks that slice through the opponent all the time?
Virtual blood, even! Just think of it as ketchup.


It’s stupid and pointless… Please, make it optional so the standard option is turned to off…

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Thank you!!! I am going to go look! I am not a fan of the blood!! Neither are my kids!

I agree, it’s disgusting

Worse than the blood is the time it takes for them to sit there and wheeze. It seems like every little thing is designed to draw battles out longer and longer, and I hate that.

Also the time that was wasted working on blood effects and not fixing the bugs that already exist.

It is optional. Go into settings and you can turn it off

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A couple interesting things about the blood effects…

My second account’s Procerathomimus spraying the screen with blood when it gets hit, yet it’s immune to bleed moves! :rofl: :crazy_face:

I guess our creatures don’t have arteries, as all the blood is dark (venous). Dark red blood comes from veins, bright red from arteries. I learned that years ago back in high school, believe it or not.

Oh and btw, Lethal Wound barely shows any blood. I’m disappointed! :smile:


Blood effect is GOOD.
But the Dinos twitching after it fell to the ground is GREAT.