Drop Thor's crit %

Considering the latest Thor buff flies in the face of the whole class system and gives it a bunch of resistances that come from nowhere, I think a 10% crit rate is fair.

It’s used to be 40%. At 30% currently I think it’s reasonable. And her buffs this time wasn’t even about crit.


It’s unnecessary because Thor still loses to a lot of cunning.

Like what? Only if they dodge. SR3 is mediocre at best, forget CompyC anymore. IndoT has to dodge as well as OG Indo and Erlidom. Basically you have to rely on rng to beat it now.

Such great resistances that have nothing to do with class or heritage should come at a cost.

20% or 25%

Honestly, Thor’s crit doesn’t deserve a nerf, but it’s kit and resistances do. It should not have any resistances besides a resistance to vulnerability, and maybe DOT, for specific raids, but that’s it. It should also lose Cleansing Group Destroyer so Cunnings can actually do something against without relying on dodge or cloak.

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That’s kind of my point… Having those resistances should have a cost somewhere.


But tyrannosaur animated dinos should have 20-40% crit chance

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Cunning’s can do lot of things against it,Thor is still not very good for pvp so unless your in below shores no one uses Thor

Not really, Cunnings that rely on Dodge can’t do much against it, and distraction gets cleansed by CGD. Cunnings are pretty much stuck if they don’t have any options against IC after the CGD.

Dude, the majority of players aren’t in Shores… Arenas like Aviary, Library, and even a little bit of Estate is choked by overleveled, and overboosted Thors. Nerfing Thor actually gives players in Arenas actual battles, and not just unfair beatdowns by someone who overboosted and overleveled their green lizard.


Yes, they should, but they SHOULDN’T have cleanse, stun resistance, and bleed resistance. So, right now it has the best of both worlds when it should really have one or the other.

Most of the player base is below shores

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Thor is mid elite at best,u can just swap into something that. Can tank then swap into a flock with dodge

Given its lack of a counter-attack, a 30% Crit chance is fine tbh.

Changing Group Shattering Impact to Cleansing Group Destroyer was a terrible, terrible idea though, when simply buffing Group Shattering Impact to have the additional effect of cleansing Vulnerable for the team, and giving Thor itself buffed Resistances would have more than sufficed.


given i went through an entire 3 round raid with 0 crits i say up it 0 crits is not good math

A fierce that clean will always be a problem. They did the EXACT same thing with Mortem, and they had to remove it because that was too powerful. It’s amazing that they did the same mistake AGAIN!

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It wasn’t ,removing that move was a buff to mort because then it had roar which is arguably better than cleansing impact because of its priority

No, back when mortem had a nerf to it’s cleansing impact, roar didn’t get the priority, that was added later.

Roar was still a buff because 50 percent damage increase is more useful than a cleanse because most of the time mort does a one hit to a cunning like ref than just gets distracted over and over again

But a lot of cunning like refrantem can remove attack buffs. Plus the buff from roar is applied after the damage dealt by the move itself so in many circumstances it might not matter.