Dropped 400 trophies tonight

I had like 4800 something trophies and my dodge kept failing and whenever my opponents dodged it’s 100% successful. I’m sad but I’m also like… numb…this game is not good for mental health sometimes


Whenever I lose 2 or 3 in a row I toss the phone away and do something else. At that point I’m too angry to even play well and make stupid mistakes like try to bleed an immune creature. Losing streaks are infuriating, so I refuse to go on them now. Better to sleep on it and start fresh the next day.


It’s ok, losing is a part of the game! I’m not lucky, I lose alot but I think on another post I made I said that we cant always win, and that losing helps us learn from our mistakes! Keep pushing, you’ll get there!


I actually try to loose trophies once my incubators are full. Who cares? There is no difference between 4800 and 4100. During a tournament things might be different.


10 days ago I managed to reach 4706. In 12 hours I went down to 4380. It took me 9 days to reach the current level again and I even reached 4760 … but in a few hours I went down to 4600. Anyway, seeing my adversaries, I think 4600 is my place …

… at least until we have patch and begin to relize all the pending level ups :slight_smile:

It happens. Put down the phone and do something else. You have a good team so just bad RNG right now. You’ll tear through everyone once you resumed

Same here, since last night I dropped 300 trophies too. had like 4900 and now 46xx :frowning:

Matchmaking As for now the matchmaking is ± 450 range trophy.Lots of players including myself have had lots of streak losses of 6-7 or 8 matches in a row.We could prevent that if after 3 consecutive losses the next match (4th one) will pick an opponent from the trophy range of -450 instead of the game searching the trophy range above us.So this will give us the opportunity to face a lower player and stop the streak of losses, and stop the frustration of trying to fill an incubator slot.


You’re not alone… I was in the 4,800’s yesterday, currently < 4,500… lose far more than I win as I try out a new team member. But as pp said, it doesn’t matter - no tournament, and many consider Arena 8 a good place to hang out in (although I’m sick of it after all this time).

I’m getting beat by opponents with much lower level dinos, who probably think I’m one of those annoying arena droppers (only my friends know my disgrace) :smile:

You’ll climb up again in no time, op, GL!


Everytime we lose means someone else wins and I like to think that I helped break their losing streak and don’t get mad at all. Well unless it’s a completely unfair scenario like being totally outleveled for whatever reason.


I just dropped from 4300 to 4100.

But still happy cause my dinos according to their level should maybe be in 40XX/39XX.

The worst part was when I was trying to go up in first instance from 3900… continuously dropped to 3500/3600

Dropped from 4,850 or so to about 4,550… Now I am back up at 4,790… At some point in time, nothing you do works…

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I was really used to my team through most of Sorna then, after unlocking new ones, plummeted because I didn’t know how to use the new dinos to their best abilities.

It seems that we’re all losing… but of course those who win don’t post about it :wink:

I won 7 and lost 1 a couple weeks ago lol

To be silly, if we all lost all the time we would all have 0 trophies :thinking:

Same exact thing happened to me the other day. Dropped from 43xx to 39xx. Couldnt stem the bleeding. Dodges, evasives, crits, stuns all worked for my opponents. But none for me, almost literally. Guess I could’ve stopped the freefall midway but the 15min incubator always shows up at precisely the wrong time emotionally lol.


Since last night I’ve gone from over 4600 to 4300. It feels like the game is working against me or something, even against what looks to be “inferior” teams I get stomped, like I’m not competitive at all at the moment lol. Very strange.

I just won 4 in a row… undoubtedly because of my brilliant stategy and not because my cloak held and theirs failed :wink:


Forgot to mention that 3 of the battles I lost, i.e. some 90 trophies, were due to connectivity problems, which, as is widely known, can be attributed to my poor internet connection.