Dropped connection shouldnt cost me in arena


So the matchmaking apparently cares enough about the participants having a good connection enough that it wont even start a match unless the two have decent connection, but if one should drop DURING the match, well tough luck for them; looks like they’re losing in an incredibly agonising and humiliating way. Why cant the match just be timed out like it is if there’s a bad connection before the match starts? obviously someone not responding in time or deliberately DC-ing is an issue, but if the game is actually putting up an error message TELLING me that it lost connection to the server, why am I still the one being punished if the damn game is the one screwing up?


Well, I hate to say it, but that could go both ways. Imagine a person in a match and is losing…down 2 to 1 and they really don’t have a hope of winning. So they reach up, disconnect mobile data or turn airplane mode on. There isn’t really a way to tell the difference between a legit connection loss that may save some face versus an intentional spoofed disconnection just to avoid losing the match. It sucks, I’ve been there myself more than once =/


I’m just going to ask again…how does their system tell the difference between a legit loss of connection, or some other connectivity issue with someone trying just avoid the loss and turning off mobile data/wifi or going into airplane mode? Go ahead, try it now…go into the the game, and once connected, turn on airplane mode. As soon as that data signal is lost, it pops up with a message saying the game is having trouble connecting to the servers, just like it would if you legit lost signal for whatever reason. The only real way to fix it (afaik) would be to pause the match entirely in hopes that the disconnected party rejoins within a set time frame. But then the game runs into the other direction…people either doing it intentionally and forcing the other person to wait a minute, two minutes, five minutes, whatever to claim the victory, or even someone intentionally disconnecting and reconnecting to make their opponent truly drag it out waiting to be able to win the match. Just imagine a troll, knowing they were going to lose intentionally disconnecting signal, waiting a minute, turning it back on to rejoin the match and disconnecting again.

Trust me, I live in an area where signal is not great, especially at my home. And at times the wifi gets wonky as all get out. I’ve lost my share of matches due to loss of signal and not being able to rejoin quickly enough to even attempt to pull out a victory or the match is already over. In the grand scheme of things though…one or two losses here or there isn’t going to make that much of a difference overall in your trophies or incubator collection. I get how frustrating it is, but its just a game. Have fun with it, let go of the bad rng, disconnect issues, times where you see no spawns you want/need, and enjoy it! If its not fun anymore for whatever reason, maybe its time to step back for a day, week, whatever time frame you need before its fun again.


As I said then; just increase the time for games then. Instead of this ‘15 seconds for a turn then auto-play for them if they dont respond’ nonsense, just give it a minute on the turn. If a player doesnt make a move then they get timed out and automatically lose. That way either you reconnect in time and play on or you dont and at least can immediately get on with finding another game as opposed to rejoining at a 2-0 defecit you have no hope of recovering from. Yeah the other side is you’d have to sit and wait for a minute if someone disconnects but that’s basically what you do for 4 turns currently anyway.


I fully agree with this concept


Me too! That would also discourage rage quitting!

JWTG has this feature and you aren’t even playing real people! If the time runs out the opponent lose a turn! They can do the same thing here with the 15 seconds! Instead of doing the minimum move they get to do nothing and perhaps even lose their positive effects like shield and cloak! Change the time out to 10 seconds also like JWTG!

That would for sure speed things up!


Hey typhoonhurricane18, I’m sorry to hear that you’re still having this issue in the arena and I can see that it would be really annoying to have that happen especially during a battle. Our team is actively working towards minimizing the number of connection issues our players are experiencing in the battle arena, and the last update should have addressed some of those issues. However, contact our team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and details on what happened during your match so our team can investigate further and try to prevent this issue from happening again.