Dropped from Arena 7 to 5?


Dear all,

I’ve seen multiple topics about unfair battles etc.
I would like to share my experience:

2 weeks ago I went proud to Sorna Marshes with 2 common, and 6 epic dino’s
which should be enough when level 9.

I don’t know what happened last days but the whole system seems to fail in battles.
I got reduced from 3500 points to 2536 at this moment with a full team of epics (see below)
This is what’s happening all the time;

– I don’t get any critical (f.e. the postimetrodon after increasing critical chance with 2 attacks, nothing happens)

– The instant charge (75% chance of stun) doesn’t stun, while opponent’s minimal stunning strike stuns most of the time. Stegoceratops stuns with all of its attacks while mine doesn’t.
– Instant charge against a stunned raptor when it gets stunned (which is a miracle but does happen sometime) should give you the advantage on a 2nd turn. Actually, stun is over directly and the raptor is on the next move which isn’t correct.

– The amount of damage after distracting rampage/strike is still too much. For example;
Monoloposaurus with 672 HP left against an Allosaurus with 50% damage reduction does exactly 673 damage. Pounce with pyroraptor on 381 HP against a euoplocephalus (50% damage reduction) still gets killed, because opponent does exactly 382 damage
This can happen sometimes, first I thought it was coincidence but it happens on a daily basis which realy gets annoying after a couple of times

I lost over a 1000 points cause of this and it takes out the fun I had before on this game.
Looking forward to a solution


I’m sorry but I just don’t think your team is strong enough for 3500 and I vary anywhere from 3600 to 4200. I would say you were lucky to get to 3500 with that team.


Fair enough, I used stego lv 17 and allosaurus lv 15 in those days, might be the difference
eventhough it doesnt explain the experiences in battle.

By the way, I admire your team :wink:


Show us what else you have… we can help maybe switch it around


I agree but there has been a huge increase in players with 3-4 uniques and in the last few days I go from top 150 to 250 back and forth. I use to constantly be too 50-100ish. Honestly I think alot of these players are either running around 24-7, spoofing, or dumping a crazy amount of money into the game. Plus most of them are 2-5 levels below me which if you have almost all the hybrids how do you not level up?


Yep. I have absolutely played against your team haha. At least twice.



Off topic, but I’m pretty sure I just faced you in arena 8 this morning based on that team screenshot. I’m assuming your game name is Heather? :joy:


Is your alive tag HodgesPG?


Yep. I play with my kids so I wanted a name in game for all of us instead of just me. Hodges Protection Group instead of dinosaur protection group haha.


Yup I remember just playing your team at least 2 matches those battles were intense!


Yea. I love playing against people who actually play and invest their blood sweat and tears into the game instead of cheating. The battles are almost always super intense.


Yeah you probably won I’ve been doing awful lately :joy:


I played too vs vantastic i think your team is similar to mine, i didnt fight now so much cause evrrytime i must win guys whit trykosaurus, rajankylosaurus, elridominus etc whot lvl 25,26 and is no fun, i just wait to cheat bans and we will see haha


Also off topic but noticed I battled against you too. Nice to see that I’ve faced someone whose texts I’ve read here quite often.


Awwww I hope you didn’t kill me too hard :joy:


Dad joke alert!

He killed you softly with his song! :joy::joy::joy:


Haha, not really sure who won. I dont usually pay too much attention to opponents names after match. Only noticed your name in my recent opponents list.