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Dropper or matchmaking?

This just happened… I thought the opponent might be a dropper then when I checked the profile it doesnt look like one…:face_with_monocle:


She’s a dropper.
She usually runs a 30 Max, Magna, Dio


Or just someone trying different stuff for a while. You can see their top score trophy count. They don’t belong down that far, but this definately isn’t the team that got their high score.

When your definition of trying out different stuff for a while is to drop down multiple arenas and wreck people with your b team. That’s dropping, trying new stuff out is switching your team out and seeing how far down in trophies you fall before you start to win 50% of the time.


I have dropped down to try different dinos. It get’s boring playing the same ones over and over. I usually put in a lower level team and then start the freefall. I know what dino levels are usually right for an arena, so will go with that until I hit the natural place for that team.

This isn’t ‘trying out different stuff’.
This is dropping pure and simple.
A level 29 Phorusaura has no business in the Lockwood Estate!

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