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seriously? I just had to fight THIS in aviary. I was only able to make it 2-3 because of swap ins, but this is ridiculous. Is there nothing ludia can do to counter droppers like this guy, it’s infuriating having to fight these types of teams.

I forgot to add this, but that tenonto had 7100 health and 3000 damage. There was no way I could of killed it if I don’t luckily get my 2 swap in creatures. All where very boosted.

Well how many times have you had to face this or for that matter how many times have you had to face apexes overall

as much as i hate to say it, there’s a good chance that’s not a dropper. my team is pretty strong on paper (mostly level 30 fully boosted), but i’m getting wrecked in the arena and am almost back in aviary myself. by no means am i intentionally dropping, but, things are so chaotic in the arena i’m getting pushed down. i often wonder how many people think i’m a dropper :sweat_smile:


It could very well be because you’re winning a LOT of games because you built your team around swap ins, so you end up fighting higher teams. A swap ins teams never look like much, but can pack a lot of punch and be so hard to predict that it would artificially boost your ranking.

The highest levels I’ve faced are 29 but those are only Thor’s, I’ve never seen another Dino that is a unique above level 26. I never really fight apexes either.

You can thank ludia for droppers. There are some achievements it seems a lot of players have dropped for. I have my alt in aviary and sometimes I run into so crazy teams myself. I just lose fast and move on or sometimes close the app and try again later lol

That is also a huge problem, why would you have to see a 29 thor while you haven’t seen any other uniques above 26? That’s a 4+ level difference. Many people dump 90% of their resources into a single dino while ignoring the rest, and thinking its fine. If this topic gets popular I’m sure there will be some people bashing me for saying this (because they’re those people). It’s not healthy, and there is no excuse calling it a preference because a preference has to do with what you use not how you level stuff

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It’s a L27 Average team.
I expect to see L28+ in aviary.
That team belongs there.

Funny, cuz back then when I first hit library I was running a lv20-21 average team.
Even now I’m at mid library with a lv25 average team, does that mean I don’t belong to library and I should be sent down to aviary or even estate?

Given that my unboosted lvl 30 unique team barely wins in Aviary, that team seems about right for upper Aviary/ lower Library.

The problem isn’t droppers but the mess created above. Shores is such that some players are yoyoing in and out of Shores. This means they are keeping others from moving up in Depot who in turn block those in Library.

This isn’t even accidental or a result of everyone getting lvl 30 teams. It was a change made by Ludia to appease a minority which only wanted PvP and didn’t want others to have fun or get “trophies” they dun deserve.