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Dropping arenas


Ppl, if you are going to drop arenas, at least have some respect for the other players. You cant just pick your lowest team and make me wait 30 sec. for every move, just because you decided to leave.
I dont care if you drop trophies, but consider the rest of us.


Arena should have level cap. If you take a dino in that is higher than the level cap it would be automatically set to the level cap.


A level cap won’t fix the problem described in the OP. Instead what we need is either the ability to voluntarily dump trophies (unlikely) or implement the ability to concede battles, saving both people involved the time for a battle that, honestly speaking, neither of them wanted to fight anyway.


I’ll take the free win anyway. Nothing to complain about. Sometimes you need to battle over 5 times to get an incubator, at least it’s better than that!


I just encountered a weird arena dropper who had a lvl 1 and two lvl 10 commons… and a lvl 28 Indoraptor. Seriously?!

Agree with pp, though, I’ll take an easy win (despite the Indo).


Don’t get me wrong, I take the free win, cause it also got me the 10dinos incu. But that’s not the point, I’m talking about wasting the opponent’s time just because you feel like it


You’re not getting “free wins” guys. Well, ok you are right now for a few days, because the tournament is just over. But what you’re truly getting (in a few days from now) is “nine free losses” everytime you’ll want to get an incubator, Why? because you’ll have to face those lazy guys who are simply taking the next few days to lower themselves so low, that they can then farm those of us who try to play legit. So, enjoy your “free wins”, that won’t last long. Then, enjoy loosing 9 battles out of 10 because Ludia doesn’t fix the matchmaking, and tell me then if you still like it. Those guys do it so every day after that, so that they can win incubators very quickly, every single time with their huge dinos, when you’ll have to battle 10 times to finally win one.


Yeah, no. It takes a long time to drop down to use other more interesting dinos. I can’t babysit my phone the entire time. Enjoy the free win and don’t complain about a small wait.

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its faster for both of us if you play the match, so next time dont disrespect other players, just cause you “can’t babysit your phone the entire time”


If I can babysit my phone while doing that at work, I’m pretty sure you can. Or you can wait until you can give the attention required to throw the match with dignity and possibly even some style.

Conversely, push for a ‘forfeit’ button to make it even easier on everyone.


How about the consideration for people legit playing at those lower arenas who can’t compete with a level 23 Thor, 28 Indoraptor, or 29 Stegodeus… Sincerely my 6 year old son who hates you now…


There are match making systems that could protect against this kind of thing if ludia could be bothered to implement them… clash royale matches arena droppers with other arena droppers… nice way to fix that problem.


Wow, that would be such a great fix!!! Sadly, I’ve a feeling that I’ll have quit the game before Ludia ever implement this!

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How childish, selfish and entitled can a human really be? You have pushed that envelope.

I drop arenas, but I have the decency to be quick about it. Yes, it takes a long time to go down several arenas. If you don’t have the time it takes then don’t play or don’t arena drop.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear you also throw in your top creatures immediately on the way up, as well.

In the time you think someone is enjoying that “free win”, they could have won at least two other matches instead of one.


If we could choose the arena in which to fight, this “droppers” problem would no longer exist. Obviously arenas should have a level cap for dinos, but i think that a battle system like this would be greatly appreciated by the community.
I would like to drop arena to use more and different dino too, but the idea of losing on purpose is something that i’ve never liked. Not to mention the amount of time i should spend to drop arenas…

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My solution, I put a awful team together and gave the phone to my six year old and challenged him to lose as many as possible. Went from 4200 to 890 in a few hours with no effort and some peace and quiet!


think it too rude AFK to fighten. A solution would be if you could give up a fight. Is useful if you get a call, for example, and it must go to it


Given battles keep failing with “connection issues” lots of people get slow, easy wins against me as JWA battles are buggy & I end up having to restart the app only to see an opponent wins screen. So some slow battles might just be JWA being buggy, but if it is an arena dropper, just take the easy win - a slow (winning game) takes less time overall than several faster losses when incubator farming (and some trago, ank matches can be slower than playing max wait per turn against the AI but winning in a few moves)


Not sure if that was me or not since my Indo is a 29. But I was doing friendlies with some alliances mates yesterday and using diffetent dinos. Few hours later I needed an incubator so I took a battle only to realise I had a 29 Indo, a 17 Alanqua, my Ornihomimus ( level 9 I think) and a Miragaia I think. Total accident I assure you. Well after Ornito got 1 shot I figured why not be a sport about it and see what Indo can do. Did you lead with Tryco by chance?

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No, but with your ridiculous assumptions about me maybe i should use top teams in Badlands just to fulfill your absurd prophecy. Apparently making people wait a small time to get a free win is the worst, most selfish thing a person can do in this world. Get a grip people, it’s a game, and one that you’re getting free trophies and incubators in all the sudden. I do actually act on my low levels when dropping and don’t just let it wait 15 seconds per turn. But not every single time. Faster for me, faster for you, but like i said before, i can’t babysit my phone for 4 hours straight hitting buttons every few seconds when at work or doing other tasks. I do my best to be courteous. OP is the demanding entitled person of this thread.