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Dropping down arenas in PvP

Yep, this last month I became what I never wanted to… a dropper! I absolutely HATE wasting 30-40 mins in PvP without a single thing to show for it. Sorry, but a 15 min incubator still infuriates me! With Dracorex as the monthly reward, I figured this was the month. I would purposely lose a ton, and drop a couple arenas
. I have been in Gyrosphere and Beaches for the last year or so now. Again, I HATE wasting so much time for nothing. And this game makes you feel like you “wasted” time. Back in the day, a loss was a loss, and you learned from it and got better. Better by mixing up your team, boosts placement, strategic move sequences. Now-a-days, you don’t learn anything from it. A loss is more times than not purely RNG. I don’t walk away feeling like I need to rework some things. I walk away saying, well, maybe next time I’ll get a better Evasive chance, or a crit will actually go my way, or maybe, just maybe they wont have a Cera or Rhino. There is ZERO satisfaction in losing, just aggravation.
So I dropped down, and felt like a shmuck the whole time I dominated in Aviary, and then mostly Lockwood Library. I say mostly Lockwood, cuz without a doubt, I found many who have taken my same path, and dropped. Yes I felt bad, and I never wanted to stoop to this level. But I spent way too much time on this game to just give up, so I had to make it fun somehow. And if Ludia doesnt really care about droppers, or improving their Arenas (IE: less RNG, more skill), wellllll…
I had the most fun playing PvP this month than I have in years. And no, not because I bullied my way through easy battles, but more the even matches I eventually got in Lockwood. They felt more balanced and meaningful. And yes, I thoroughly enjoyed winning an incubator in 10 mins, as opposed to 40.
I know some will despise this thread, and I totally get it. I used to roll my eyes at droppers as well. But hey, until Ludia wants to fix their RNG based arenas, droppers will always be around

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Last month, I decided I had enough of trying to play in this garbage thing called PvP, or Arenas. This game is falling apart, there is no denying it. Arenas take very little talent anymore. Swap in’s have destroyed the game. Ludia then decided to add “flocks”, which in my opinion (and many others) have propelled the demise of this game. Last month I had dropped down a couple Arenas, and actually enjoyed the game to an extent. I tried playing with integrity this month, and fought for the top. I used to hit Beaches all the time. I cant even get close now. Why? Because the game doesn’t actually take talent anymore. Pure luck. I am so sick and tired of it. How many games I have lost purely cuz I cant, or they did critical. Sure, sometimes it works in my favor. But far too seldom. Crits are just ridiculous.
I refuse to play when Ludia can’t figure out how to create a good experience anymore.
Take away the swap in massive stun hits, figure out how to create a more fair Critical game, and get rid of the ridiculous Flocks. And try actually creating a balance. I mean, Testa, Skoona, Unique Compy, Scorpius…it’s like you ran out of creative ideas, and just threw a bunch of stuff together.
I do trust Ludia is trying…they are just failing