Dropping down arenas?


A lot of people seem to be doing it and I’m a little curious.
Is it worth it? I am in arena 7 stuck between 3,200-3,500 and I literally mean stuck.
My dino’s are not awful, but battles are like actually hectic for me now haha.
Any one have good luck by dropping down? Better DNA?
Aka should I start losing???


I have not dropped down, but based on what other people have been saying there are better dinos in the lower arenas, however you will receive less DNA from the incubators. Essentially if you want guaranteed DNA for a specific dino, you can drop down but you will receive less DNA from incubators, if you would rather recieve more DNA, then stay in the higher tier arenas and hope you receive the dino out of one of the incubators.


It takes time and patience, but its fun… and you can either use weaker dinos to make it fair for the ones in the lower arenas or just keep your first team and win everything haha but then you’ll have to drop down again… and in arena 7, you can get any dino from the other arenas, it just gives you more of a chance to get the dinos exclusive to the arena you are in, if that makes sense lol