Dropping out of the boost race

My game is going to take a major hit soon, as I am dropping out of the boost race. Kudos to Ludia for squeezing a few more bucks out of me, but no more. I have enough hard cash to buy Sunday’s and next Wednesday’s boosts, but that’s it. No more. The absolute top secrecy practiced by Ludia in regards to anything they do anymore is abhorrent. Matchmaking is a nightmare, and not one peep from the company about what they’re doing. I have worked hard (and yes, paid) to build my team and now I feel punished for it by this ridiculous “mystery” system they implemented. In fact, a lot of people do!

I would be so happy to continue to support a good company that put out a great product, but guess what?

Ludia, that ain’t you.


I’m a close 2nd, have been debating over Sunday’s sale and really just want to play different dinos besides my golden ones.


Yeah, not sure what to do anymore. I mean, I still battle, but mostly out of habit and my biggest satisfaction is when I can troll an opponent with some weirdo dino.

I guess I just hang on hoping something will change.

I mean, I was VIP since launch - until 1.7
Then I bought cash for boosts - until 1.8
1.9? Who knows…


I actually did a purchase this Wednesday to get one set of boosts. Well guess what, I got caught up in that Google Pay error and lost my $4.99 and got nothing in return. Since Ludia jumped right on correcting it, I went to Google to ask for a refund. Nope. Over the 48hr limit. So I just filed with PayPal to get it back. Sure it’s only five bucks, but when they want to take money and give nothing back I’d call that theft. It’s like it’s become a swirling cesspool since the 1.7 release. I’ve run my own businesses and worked in the corp world for yrs and no matter how big or small you are you don’t treat customers like they do.


1.9 is my cut off.
I won’t quit, but I think I can do just as well as a F2P player.
They’re already in the top 500.


What’s the point of buying them when it will just put you up against even stronger dinos. It’s a milking system!

It makes you think, darn I’m losing and losing maybe my dinos need more boosts. Then you buy and apply them then you go up against even stronger dinos. It’s setup to make you want to buy more thinking it will help, but it won’t. In fact it will get worse.


This match making is no bug its on purpose to make you think you need to buy more boosts.


I don’t understand why we can’t have an auto AI battle after three losses. I seriously want to shoot myself in the foot right now because of this RNG bull that I’ve been experiencing lately.

I stopped paying for this trash of a company months ago. Its a shame that they are making money off of those that are desperate and want quick wins instead of work.

Over a year’s worth of effort has pretty much been wasted because of boosts. I have people in my alliance with teams 3-4 levels lower than mine at higher trophies than me because of boosts. I battle people regularly that have lower levels than me but are ridiculously boosted.

I really don’t even know why I play anymore. Its just so depressing and feels just like a punishment. Ludia doesn’t give a rats behind about the long term players.


Nope, if it was ever in doubt, it is crystal clear now that they don’t.


I have no longer spent any real money since I dropped VIP. Do not regret. Only doing tap joy offers here and there for hard cash. Have only spent HC on a few of the boosts that have been made for sale, but no more real money from me.


I feel like I’m the only one still happy to play the game, and having fun lol.


I may be a fool but I do like this game (not the arena right now - but I think/hope it will be fixed - I know it can be as it seemed to be fair pre-1.7).

Idk how much longer I can be optimistic though… but I’ll give it some more time.


I like this thread.

Finally people are understanding what I’ve been saying.

Once you start Boost you have to keep going. So what’s the point in starting? You’re still going to hit that wall of an opponent that out boost you. Using free boost or boost you’ve paid for. Eventually you’ll hit that same wall.

Somehow or another I’ve managed to make it back up into lockdown today unboosted. I was struggling around 3600 trophies. Today I got a new high this season of 4100. Now closer to 4000. But I was battling non stop for over an hour to get battles for rank 4 mission. Didn’t care if I won or lost. Surprisingly I wasn’t slaughtered back down.

Anyways back on topic. Good for you guys who will no longer support the destruction of the game and the thing that ruined our long term player’s year plus of grinding long and hard hours daily to get where we are/were.


I dropped the playing my first account in the the upper arena so I can say I’ve dropped out of the boost race. I haven’t gotten into boosts with my 2nd account. I have 64 none boosted level 15 and 16 creatures I can play.

I am running into some highly boosted Sinosaurus’s, Concavonators and Einiasuchus on level 10 players teams though.

The good thing with these is they are not like Thor, Utasino and Elidom that can one shot my creatures. I can still beat the lighter boosted teams and usually at least get two take downs but occasionally one so it’s never a total loss towards the daily. It’s the other way around also, my opponents usually get two of mine and occasionally only one but haven’t experienced a 3-0 or 0-3. When you start experiencing 0-3’s or 3-0’s, you know the matchmaking is messed up.

I threw a weaker team together this morning and played to drop some trophy’s because of getting up too far into the boosted territory while getting one or two take downs per battle toward the daily. So I lost 3 in a row. I put some bit stronger ones on there and won one before work. Then I had 2 wins, two losses tonight and completely changed my team from a mix to all long neck dino’s.

Having 64 at the moment to interchange in and out makes playing more fun and gives opponents some different creatures to play against than the usual alliance mission rewards. Like every upper team has a Thor, Draco and Erlidom, every lower team has Sinosaurus, Concave and Einiasuchus…boosted if they are a level 10 player.

Well we’ll see what 1.9 brings.

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I just roll with the punches.
I’ve spent my fair share, and still spend from time to time… but because it’s on something I enjoy, not to be # 1, or even to be better than any other player.
The way I see it is that this is a different game than the one I initially downloaded over a year ago. Every adversity is a new challenge to overcome. Even if it’s unintentional or unfair (yea Ludia, just cause I’m still enjoying… doesn’t mean I don’t understand the flaws.)


I skipped buying health last week but before that I had bought every available boost (I do a lot of tapjoy). I’ll probably keep buying speed each week but I’m done buying attack and health.

After the day they sold 50 speed boosts in the store and had a speed tower the same day, I canceled my VIP and removed my card from my Apple account just so I’m not tempted. Until something changes, I won’t financially support Ludia anymore. Love you guys, but I just can’t do it anymore.


If I could give you more than one like I would… I couldn’t agree more.

P.S. It was fun playing against some of the long time players - like you - in the tournament. The skilled tournaments are definitely something they have done right and I’m looking forward to the next one.


I’ve only done 2 so far, but have had loads of fun both times.

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Preach, brother!!

P2W is one thing, but P2Wx2 is a whole new level of cash-grabby greed from a game. If they planned to be around much longer, tactics like this would never be used. Spend at your own risk/discretion, but I quit a long time ago and don’t plan to start again anytime soon. Kinda forgot I could buy a really great game for a one time price that’s much less than what this game wants for a week of boosts.