Dropping to beat up on lower levels

RANT: I think you should not be able to drop to lower arena’s. I know your going to say “we are dropping to farm for DNA”. I don’t buy that, I still get the same DNA in the arena I’m in as I did from lower arena’s. The only reason to drop is to feed your ego beating up on people that don’t have their dinosaurs leveled up yet. This will be the down fall of this game, NO BODY is going to stick around to lose 8 to 9 battles just to get 1 win.


Rant aside …
It’s soo inefficient to get DNA this way …


I agree. I still get DNA from arena’s that are lower than the one I’m in, so I don’t buy the argument of farming DNA.


Totally agree mate! It is one thing to drop a few trophies so you get matched up against players of the same team level as you for a fair fight, and another thing to drop 900 just to get almost assured wins.

I’ve been up against players with dinosaurs 7 or more levels higher.

They need to base the matching of players using both trophy count AND average dinosaur level.
I don’t want them to change it so we are matched with EXACT same dinosaur levels as that would make leveling up pointless…average dino level might work!


Yes you get DNA from arenas below yours. But you also get DNA from the ones your are in. If I were to drop to the arena that Irritator is unlocked I would go from a 20% chance to get him in my incubators that rare DNA is guaranteed in to a 33% chance. That is why people drop arenas. It is increase their odds of getting the DNA they want.


Something need to change. Again most of your are not going to keep playing if all you do is keep losing to well over powered opponents.

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idk about that… i get more irri dna now that im on lockwood then before


That’s not what I’ve noticed in the incubators I have been getting.

I’ve had this happen too, many have I’m sure. Sometimes I think wow this is crap, but I don’t battle every night, many nights after work I’m too tired. In the meantime my dinos are getting leveled up so it may seem like I’m dropping levels. I don’t think it is ethical when players do that, but not all of the over leveled players are intentionally doing so.

The 15 min incubator and the free daily 10 incubator guarantee arena specific rare DNA. The higher the arena you are in then the more choices it has to pull from. In arena 10 they are 5 choices it can pull from.

hmmm. dang thats a big drop to 2k trophies

Yes it is. I admit I considered it but didn’t want to go through the agony of dropping 11k trophies to drop from 13th to 2k just tonincrease my odd by 13%.

i really want to lvl up my magna but its not worth it to tank. it wouldnt feel right.

I drop so i can use something other than high level legendary dinos 24/7. Yes, i do sometimes run the wrong levels for the area i’m at. It’s hard to judge sometimes as i’ll run into other people who don’t seem to belong there and murder my mid-level stuff, so i upgrade a bit after 3 losses in a row and suddenly i’m the puppy kicker running into someone who just barely got to that arena.

If ppl do tank as you say. They should also drop there team to give ppl a fighting chance. I don’t think it is fair to the players

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Magna is definitely worth it. It is a tank buster. Just needs to be at equal lvl to your opponent

i had a thought awhile back that arenas should be unlocked and maybe even certain dinosaur creations at a certain level and you shouldnt be able to drop lower after its unlocked. so you never lose trophies if you are at 5k for example in lockwood. you can only gain. and now you can create like tryko or something… just a thought. havent really put much thought into it.


I think a possible level cap for each arena might be useful. Drops your dino to that level if it is too high for that arena. It’s an idea anyway.

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It is a good idea. Only problem is that you would have to have regular trophy resets. There could eventually have a gap in trophy count where there would be like say half the player base above 5000. The rest just starting would be in the lower arenas. No need anymore for the middle

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