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Dropping trophies or just competitive arenas?


Are a bunch of level 20 players dropping trophies intentionally or is the battle arena just becoming this competitive? I was just at ~4200 trophies and dropped down to about ~3800. I am battling teams at ~3800 with level 25 indoraptors, level 26 stegodeus, and multiple uniques. I don’t necessarily mind, because I am battling different dinosaurs, but it’s just amazing the teams I am seeing.


I know someone that is dropping during downtime at work, like mashing the basic attack to speed intentional losses while on hold on the phone.

Then when they get 10-15 minutes they put in the good team and fight back up to more quickly farm coins from the wins.

I told them they were being a jerk, but the reply was “A jerk with coins.”


I noticed later evening the opponent’s teams are much better than they are during the day. It could be time zone differences. One person said he thought north America had better teams than other parts of the world. Maybe?


Those are just {insert insult}. When i drop arenas i use other dinos that are more appropriate, but some people think it’s ok to drop to lockdown and then switch to a 5k trophy team to move back up. It’s not fun for anyone involved. They claim it’s to ‘save time’ getting incubators but their time is no more important than their opponents’ and they’ve just wasted the opponents time in a match they cant win or even forfeit out of.

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I haven’t pvp’d on my main account since December some time and my dino’s have all leveled several times. If I start playing, I will most likely start with a good winning streak.

On my second account I have several dino’s at level 20 but only pvp with a team made of level 10’s and I’m only in the 3rd arena. I’m stuck at 1100 - 1200 trophy’s with a level 10 team and I always win at least 1 in 3 battles because at this level you get an easy A.I. bot team after 2 losses.


I agree with you completely. Maybe you should call them greedy, ruthless, pompous, cheating jerks.


Part of the game.
People get tired/frustrated with the loss streaks so much that they say screw it, I’ll show you a loss streak!
Until the developers fix the rng which runs in waves, picking you a team that’s horribly matched for your opponent, who also nails all the crits and dodges while yours fail…then switching to “You can’t lose” mode…
I don’t see them fixing it, it is designed to make you think you need to spend cash to build your team to a competitive level, then switch to winning to keep you hooked. It’s designed to make them highly profitable.
Matchmaking is rigged.

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Both. You have arena droppers and some of us are just on prolonged losing streaks while we test out our new dinos… I know I dropped from the 5,000’s to the 4,500’s… not intentionally! Many players have just created new uniques due to recent events and you may encounter those being tested at your expense.

In general, I do think the upper arenas are more competitive than they used to be. Yes, I’m leveling my team, and adding new uniques - the problem is, so is everyone else!

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I almost got my Allosinosaurus and Tarbosaurus at level 20 for Thoradolosaur. The problem is, saving as much DNA and coins as possible.


I’m around that trophy count too (4200, 4300)… I guess it’s “normal”… My team is mostly at level 22 and I keep fighting level 24-26… There’s someone around the area with a level 29 Tany… The worst thing is that when those beasts defeat me I lose around 40 trophies sometimes.