Dropping trophies

I am no pro by far, but I am currently sitting at 3400 trophies. How far down should I drop tonight? I was thinking 1999. Thanks for the feedback.

What reasons are you dropping for? That levels your not gonna change arenas with update and the reset is capped at 4500… you should avoid most fallout.

Pardon me, I was thinking about the possibility of grabbing one time offers as I climb back up.

You wont be able to recieve one time offers for arenas youve already been in. The reason people are dropping is because people at 4500 are gonna get put in the avairy missing out on lockwoods one time offer. Only way to avoid missing it is to trophy drop… 3400 is still sorna so no real reason to drop.

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Thanks for the clarity. Time to start my climb back up early. I was hoping for a silver lining to my waste of time and trophies lol.

Peeps sure like buying pixles these days. Good for Ludia I guess. :wink:

Dont go above 3500 if youve never been in ruins. 3500 becomes ruins

you are safe if you drop to below 4000.

In theory but if you never hit ruins before id go to 34xx if you want the ruins one time offer… no gurantee youll get the one time offer from just being placed there as opposed to winning a game and getting there… id rather not take the chance of it working first thing after an update

oh I was saying if you are in ruins now. My fault.