Drops and spawn points migrated?

Did anyone else have their drops an spawn points moved in the last hour? Did the strike, came in and when I went out they are all scattered in different locations.

If no one else did, I better check my meds.

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I couldn’t reach the strike from my sofa, then it moved in and I could, so it’s all good

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Great! You get to where the years add up and you start questioning your memory is all.

“I could have sworn there was an event chest over there a minute ago, but now it ain’t there. And… Weren’t there drops there and there? Huh?"

Got back most of mine that I had from the day I’ve started playing. One was moved around but now I can reach up to 4 of them, normally 3. I like that one is back at the playground.

It has to do with that topic:

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Yes, I just noticed it as well. Now I have a chance at darting Quetz over breakfast

Not only drops and spawn points but sanctuaries too. Ours is now out of reach meanwhile our old lvl 6 sanctuary has returned where it belongs together with a new one coming from nowhere. This is rather puzzling.

Three changes happened and I still have wasteland around me.

A sanctuary was suddenly in reach when i had to walk a bit to get there, thought it was a new one but my allo was in there, so it moved close

Then write them a message. Then they could have a chance to fix it :slight_smile:

This said, as with all new tech, new challenges are to be expected. We want you to help us optimize these new tools by writing in at support+map@ludia.com with your Support Key and Screenshots of your map.

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Wrote it already few days ago.