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Dry spell?

It has now been two weeks since I last won a 1% or a 5% prize in the prize drop. Am I really unlucky or is this unusual??

Before this when was the last time you got the Prize?

If you get it often, than that’s what is unusual.

I generally win the 5 percent prize quite a lot on the fourth column, which is the main reason i keep doing it but the 1 percent I’ve only ever gotten a couple of times since first playing the game

how much are you playing?

If you are only doing a few battles each day then i just say dry spell, it happens. If you grind a bit then I say really bad luck IDK?

No not battles - talking about the prize drop. I think I might have hit the 5% only one time in the past two weeks . Just frustrating. Been VIP for two months now; the first month I hit the 1% several times.

Well anyway, not like I’m going to stop buying tickets…

I very rarely hit the top prizes. I won a Kento this morning…which I really wanted.

my bad, i don’t do prize drop so didn’t even register with me.

I won the top prize once or twice total since I started doing it regularly 2-3 weeks ago. If you buy all 10 tickets, you have a 9.56% chance of getting the top prize, so you should get it roughly 1 in 10 or 11 times. The second prize, with 10 tickets, you have a 40.1% change of winning, so 2 out of 5 times you should get it.

If you haven’t even gotten the 2nd prize in 2 weeks, that would be very unusual. Are you sure you didn’t get say the big DNA prize or decoration or whatever one of those times and it didn’t really register as “winning” the 2nd prize? For me, on those days with the lesser 2nd prize, I am not as excited about getting it versus say a tournament dino that gets me a new badge. It would be easy to overlook and forget about some of those.

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@Subxero11 I didn’t do it for the longest time, but it’s definitely worth it. If you regularly buy 10k VIP packs, this is a similar amount to spend but gets you much more in return. You’ll still be able to buy the 10k VIP packs too from time to time, especially if you keep up with AF to LP custom trades.

Just something to consider anyhow.

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I’m experiencing the same which has been frustrating. Realistically I was probably ahead of the curve in the past in terms of hitting the 1 and 5% prizes. The only positive of not hitting it often is that I’m slowly clearing out the tournament cards in my market :slight_smile:

@ApexRogers I’ve started doing the AF to LP and now even with playing the lottery daily my LP is now on a constant increase, I agree definitely worth it considering the return

Dry periods would be perfectly expected with a 5% and particularly the 1% chance tickets. 2 weeks might be considered a bit long to go if you are playing every day for the 5% tickets, but I often go that long, and longer, without winning on any of the 1% tickets.

I was on a dry spell of getting the 1% prize but it came through for me yesterday with winning a Tylo pack, and so again my wait begins for another.

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I’m non VIP, I was under the impression that it wasn’t that good for non VIP?

I think I was spoiled during my first few weeks of VIP. I hit the 1% at least a half dozen times or more. Even though I work with statistics and analytics, it didn’t occur to me something might be awry. Or that I would see the other side of a long series…

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Sometimes it’s generous, for instance today @Mary_Jo hit 3 of the 5% and 1 of the 1% prizes. I have also seen folks hit 2 of the 1% prizes. But then there are times where it feels like forever hitting the good 5% and 1% prizes. Just have to roll with the good and bad times.


I’m not sure. How much LP do you make per week? Between events and AF trades, it should be enough to participate. I don’t believe there’s any difference in the prizes except for missing the 2x LP boost.

I beleive that non vips do not have access to the 4th column.

Also today I won the 1 percent prize on the 4th column, but it was for a single copy of eudimorphodon so was more like winning a 5 percent prize


Yeah, fourth column is reserved for VIP only. Before I got VIP, the best I could with the prize drop was get about halfway to the gold prize wheel, even with all the 2nd column dna bought. I would have to spend about 1,500-3,000 bucks to get the rest at the end of the week.


Thanks for the replies @Aether_12 and @Bathory. I didn’t remember that from before I purchased VIP. I never did these lotteries until after I signed up.

@Subxero11, looks like you’re out of luck for these. Hope I didn’t get your hopes up.