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Dryosaurus update

I think that Dryosaurus and similar dinosaurus must be in the JWA roster, so these are my prediction


Resistance strike

  • Deal 1x damage, increase every Resistance to 100% for 1 turn

Resistance impact

  • Deal 1,5x damage, increase every Resistance to 100% for 1 turn

Resistance rampage

  • Deal 2x damage, increase every Resistance to 100% for 1 turn

Group Resistance boost

  • Priority, increase every allied creature Resistance to 100% for 2 turns

Instant Resistance boost

  • Priority, increase every Resistance to 100% for 1 turn

Long resistance boost

  • Increase every Resistance to 100% for 3 turns

With 1600 attack, 129 speed, 3100 health, no Armor and 20% crit, this Little creature can be a Little annoying with his Evasive strike, while strenghtening up with Resistance impact, that can boost his 50% distraction, stun, Taunt and deceleration resistance

This curious beauty like to wander around humans, but if disturbed it will defend itself with 1750 attack, 3500 health, 125 speed, 20% crit and no armor. It also have 75% distraction and Crit reduction Resistance and 50% Stun, deceleration, Swap prevention and DOT Resistance and can boost it with Resistance strike and Group Resistance boost


With his Resistance strike, Resistance impact and Evasive stance, this Little grass-eater can Deal a lot of damage while staying away from any debuff, while hitting hard with 1670 attack, 3000 health, 130 speed, 20% Crit and no Armor and 50% Distraction, stun, Swap prevention Resistance and 75% Deceleration and rend Resistance

With his Resistance strike, Resistance impact and Resistance rampage it can boost his 50% Distraction, rend Resistance and 75% stun, deceleration and Taunt resistance. It have 1650 attack, 3350 health, 127 speed, 20% Crit and no armor


This High damage Attacker with 1800 attack, 3000 health, 131 speed, 20% crit and no Armor and Evasive strike, Resitance rampage, and Instant resitance boost. With this moveset it can boost the 50% DOT, Distraction, Deceleration, stun, rend, taunt, Swap prevention and vulnerability

This Little terror can boost his 50% Distraction, stun, deceleration, DOT, rend, Swap prevention and Crit reduction Resistance with his Resistance impact, while dealing damage with Evasive strike and Lethal wound. It have 1820 attack, 3180 health, 131 speed, 20% Crit and no armor


Fusing the fearless deinonychus with the hypsilophodon create a powerful Evasive creature with Evasive strike, evasive stance, high Pounce and Instant Resistance boost and 50% distraction and deceleration Resistance, it also feature 2000 health, 1380 attack, 132 speed, 5% Crit and no armor


Fusing Ankylocodon and Dryosaurus create an armored and placid grass-eater that it don’t fear to knock down other creatures with his Resistance strike, Resistance impact, Group shield and Group shattering impact while standing against debuff with 50% DOT, deceleration, stun, vulnerability and distraction. It have 1610 attack, 4000 health, 110 speed, 30% Armor and 10% crit


Fusing hatzegopteryx with deinophodon create a fast thief and a powerful Attacker, with 1900 Attack and 2000 health, 132 speed, 5% crit and no Armor, this creature feature Resilient strike, high Pounce, Resistance impact, Evasive stance and Swap in Defense. It also have 50% distraction and deceleration resistance

Fusing the calm Ouranosaurus with the Lesothosaurus create a sailed creature that feature Group Cleansing strike, Group resistance boost, Lesser Group heal and Greater emergency heal and with his 75% Deceleration and distraction Resistance and the 50% stun Resistance It can show who the boss is, and with 1800 attack, 3600 health, 117 speed, 5% Crit and no Armor it can defeat everything that stand on his way


Fusing the horrible Keratoporcus and the elusive Pegomastax create a meat eater beast with 1850 attack, 3900 health, 129 speed, 20% Armor and Crit. It can deal a lot of damage with Evasive strike, Lethal wound and Fierce rampage, it can also boost his 50% DOT, Stun, distraction, deceleration and Swap prevention Resistance with Resistance impact

Fusing the Baryonyx with the Lesothouranus, it will create a powerful beast very similar to the spinosaurus, with his Group Cleansing strike, Group Resistance boost, Group takedown and Group heal It can also work perfectly for raids, and with the 75% deceleration and distraction Resistance, 50% stun Resistance, 1890 attack, 3600 health, 129 speed, 20% Crit and no Armor it can be very annoying even for Mortem Rex

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