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DSA, could you give us a button for that Ludia

Ludia. If that is your real name. Look at my profile, I dare you. Do you think I belong under 4500. 700 points I’ve lost says I don’t. I have no problem with losing a few batty, most of the time i say, well done.
I just want to know where do you live, so that I can send a big fruit basket. My fighting skills can use use some help. I am completely boosted. I don’t usually hang with the usual whiners. But seriously 5200 to 4400 should raise some alarm bells. Most my team is 545 on boosts. Which I regret. I could lose every match without bankrupting myself.

5300 to 3800 here, the struggle is real. :astonished:

Can’t relate. Sorry your losing

What does DSA stand for?




No worries, I don’t expect people who bought their wins to understand. :wink:

My struggle is different. I’m just not getting anywhere. I managed to squeak up from 37xx-39xx just into 40xx-41xx since 1.7 implementation. This is my team. I got enough boosts to add to a couple again. I only battle enough for the “daily incuboostor” which is 3 to 5 battles. I tend to win 2 and loose 2 or loose 2 and win 2. My wins are generally just RNG in my favor. My losses are RNG in my opponents favor. Matching is close within my trophy range and evenly boosted.

What’s your teams?

Gorgo has the best model in the game

Currently bouncing between 39xx and 47xx.

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I’ve been top 20 for the past 6 months boosts just pushed me even higher lol

Didn’t say anything about boosts.
Nor did I mention you at all, was just a general statement I made to your comment. :slightly_smiling_face:

Dont get me wrong, I don’t expect to ever get on the leaderboard as a free to play, boosts or not.

Been playing since launch spent at most 60-70 quid I’m around 4500 4800 maybe just maybe you’re just not that good at the game may I suggest candy crush

Maybe your getting pitted against higher teams than me even though you may sink in trophy’s just below me. Because my team level is 24.5 and yours 26.5, we would never get pitted against each other even though you sink to my level in trophy’s. Your team level and rarities keeps you getting put up against higher and better teams than mine.

Aye, I know how it works. My problem is a lack of speed boosts.

Speed is everything. Take my level 25 magna for instance, the level 25 no longer means anything. The level 22 magna with one more speed boost then I have will win, easily.

I figured it out,

D = Dinosaur
S = Sandcastle
A = Agency

Y’all building Sandcastles for dinosaurs and not telling me.

Yeah it does… trophys are pointless with this kind of match making…

Team avg 22 my max seems to be 5k… at that point it starts matching me against teams that beat me down to about 48xx then i start getting teams I beat easily and climb back up till i hit 4980-5000 then the cycle repeats.