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What do you guys think of dsungaia? Is it any good? Do you think it’ll be more useful after the update? Does it need a nerf? Etc. Trying to decide If I wanna keep it or not.

I said a few days after it was released it would be the hidden gem and I still think it’s under appreciated… that being said immune opponents and a meh stat line make it a gamble

I wanted it for the longest time, but Dsungariptarus DNA is very hard to obtain. Unless you begged your alliance for DNA, constantly farmer it in the Sanctuary, and magically got only its DNA in the Scents, then you ain’t gonna level it up consistently.

Not to mention how it got nerfed in attack a couple of updates ago. No bueno. She never needed the nerf, but it happened anyway.


I don’t even have one

I like it. It’s stats are just pretty bad rn. Giving it a hybrid with something with more hp and armor would be great

I love her and plan to level her up through farming right now level 22, still a long way to go.

I am in lower aviary and use a dsungaia lvl 19 (almost lvl 20) and I have pretty good results with her. She can counter both i raptors really well is they dont get a crit. So I do suggest using it but its low health is a big problem sometimes and I think that stops more people from using her ( also the the very hard to get dsungarptreris)

In the right hands and with the right build Dsung is a beast, that takes (almost) everyone by surprise, me included. You will probably need lots of donations to level it. Nobody knows the effect of changes yet.

It’s good in the skill tournaments. Outside, she loses quickly thanks to her low HP. Then there’s the fact that Dsun is hard to farm…

She’s a beautiful creature and was on my team for a short time some months ago, but the lack of HP really holds her back. Fast Thors can literally one shot her and there’s nothing she can do about it… Instead of buffing her to make her viable later in the game, Ludia decided to nerf her damage :smiley: so there’s that too…