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Dsungaia Improved

Can you fix this under power dino. If it had cleanse shield strike or immune to distraction… Anythingvwould be an improvement. Can’t be utilized in any raids.

there are many creatures that can’t be utilized in raids, I think dsungia is more of a pvp dino. Haven’t payed much attention to it so I’m not sure if it needs a buff or how much of one


It’s not true that it can’t be used in any raids. There was a Megalosuchus strat with it but obviously that’s history now. There is a low level Hadros strat that Dsungaia is perfect for though.


We tried the strat for megasuchus with dsungaia… It does notwork and was deletedfor not working. I just want to see this dino becomemore useful and have at least one good attribute. I have everything to raid with and have all apexs minus refer… Ijust see them fixrs and tweeking/nerf some dinos just wonderingwhy they have some comolete waste of time ones.

Some creatures are built for the arena and others for tournaments or raids. Dsungaia is probably more of an arena beastie.


But she is still garbage on pvp just like Takus.


Oof. I’ve never used it, I just assumed it worked.
Yeah, I do agree that Dsungaia needs a buff though.

It used to be, but it’s not very good at all anymore.