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Dsungaia rework

Dsungaia one of the hardest legendarys to get In jwa and because it’s hard to get you think it’s going to be really good like pho but it isn’t it’s outter garbage so I decided to rework to make it really good download (21)


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Wow its almost like we shared ideas on a DM or something

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Discord go brrr jokes aside Dsungaia SUCKS and needs changing drastically

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Yea, i made a hyrbrid of it with proceratomimus a while back

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Wait. Mimus or Saurus?

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Also with Dsungaia that is scary. Though maybe a deceleration resistance? Other than that maybe also a change to medium resilient counter attack (it would do 1800 as a counter attack if left as is).

Yea I was thinking that but I thought it would be op ah well

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It should decent, but leave scary for its hybrid

this is really cool! It would make Dsungaia a powerful force, stacking that Ferocious strike and GEH

I like this, 10 billion times better than the ig stats.

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I made a rework just like this but kept the attack at 1000 or 1100