Dsungia Hybrid

So I was in Discord with a couple friends, and we talked a bit about hybrids, and came up with one for Dsungia. So here it is. I call it Acrosungia, though if you find a better name let me know!


Health: 4000
Damage: 1400
Speed: 110
Armor: 10%
Critical Chance: 20%

Shielding Decelerating Strike
Group Decelerating Impact
Emergency Group Heal
Fierce Rampage
Decelerating Counter

Potential Design:
Acro body, with Dsungia’s sail on its back, but red in color. The main body is light blue, with a yellow underbelly and black spines along the sides of it. The head is Dsungia with Acros size, teeth, and rounded snout. Yellow stripes cover done of the head.

Potential Description:
Acrosungaia an omnivore, though it usual prefers meat over plant matter. Due to its strange jaws, they can open almost 75 degrees, allowing it to swallow almost 300 pounds of meat in a single bite!


Very nice :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you.

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it is missing the fierce of acro

Where? It has Fierce Rampage, plus extra bulk, attack, and Crit Chance


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Might work.

So, it will look like this?


I used picture of acro from jw the game

Bit more health I’d say
Used to love dsungaia before 2.0

Same. It was interesting but hard to get and level. Though I agree, I do think the health is a bit low

Kind of. I like it though.

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