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Dsungiosaurus a Short Necked Epic Hybrid!

Porposal by @Keagan_Klinger


You can take the stats, Show us Your idea! :wink: @Keagan_Klinger

wow that icon looks awesome! how did you make it?

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Copy paste Photo, coloring it and patience

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The stats was Made in Creature maker

yea i know what people have been using to make these, i cant get to it myself. but i like it, it really looks amazing!

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Thankyou so much!

no problem, i sure cant make stuff like that. i do the traditional art style (pencil and paper) and i still cant come anywhere close to making it look like that.

Don’t give up! You arre an artist a creator

you can create from scratch.
I am limited to images

thank you. while im busy drawing, do you think you can make the info cards for Dsungiosaurus’s super hybrids?

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Yup!! I’ll create them :wink:

ok, thanks.

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I can create a description for them as well, if you wish.

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sure, go ahead.

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Ok. What shall the super hybrid be, that way I can create the description and make it more accurate.

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well, im not sure. it could be either. but i dont have names for either. if you have any ideas go ahead.

Ok. I shall look for interesting dinos to create the super hybrid. How many shall there be, 1 or 2?

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2, did you read my original post? i thought about having one with titanoboa gen2, and the other with tanycolagreus.

No I did not. Sorry. I shall make the descriptions right away!