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Dual Indoraptor team?

Is anyone running a team with both indoraptors? Do you like it? My OG Indo is at 22 but could be leveled up, modestly boosted. My G2 is level 20 and tier 6 boosted and really helping with my team. I was thinking about taking out the rat for the original Indo but wanted to see if anyone had anything they didn’t like about having them both on a team.

I run both, OG Indo is one level higher (22) currently.

The only downside I’ve noticed is that it shows off just how much better Indo G2 is, to the point where I grumble at receiving OG Indo without Indo G2 in a battle.

That’s a really great insight, thank you!

If my g2 was at least 20, I’d run her instead. Her kit is so much better.

I always run the G2 currently, but I don’t want to invest anything in my dracorex really. So I considered putting the original Indo on the team instead. But now that I look at it if I can manage to unlock maxima in the next few weeks maybe I will just wait to sub the rat out.

I benched my draco for essentially the same reason last week and at this point i dont even miss it.

G2 is much stronger then g1… but that doesnt mean g1 is not a strong dino in the meta… its immunities alone give it alot of good match ups… particular against the dinos people invested in their teams with the last few patches to counter thor plus it now just wins vs tryko and dio.

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I run both. Like others have said G2 is the superior Indo, but if you draw both you can do a lot of damage.

I call them the twin terrors. I hope I can get G2 to Level 23 and 5/6/6 to match G1 but I finally ran out of Echo and boosts :sleepy:

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Just 4 more levels and 3 more tiers and “Alita GEN 2” will be on the team

I’ve run into a few opponents with both.

IndoG2 can be a little more challenging since if its boosted a little can still out speed my Tany if it uses Cautious Strike or mutual fury