Due to COVID-19 can we have 5 different GIGA scents?

Wow. Guys. 19 likes on a post in the Suggestions category. I didn’t expect that. Tell your friends and get this to 50 likes.


I think you need to understand that this giga scent was probably in the code, ready to deploy without a patch. It’s not something they can quickly alter and improve on the fly, especially not just before a weekend.
The other scents that you suggest just don’t exist, but maybe they can work on it to add them. These things take time.

I love this idea. Also would like to see seperate scents (can be 20 minute ones) for the daily creatures (I mean one type so you can choose what day you’ll use it, depending on what you need most). I want more Tany but they’re kinda shy around here… :see_no_evil:

I live in New York and can’t go anywhere. I need turtle and rhino but live in L1 and can’t get to park or L4. Please make different zone gig scents so we can get all Dino’s from home

I love the idea, I hope this will happen. I am flooded by majungas in my scents and only 1 zone ain’t really gonna help me much. I don’t have a park near me and I need Puru gen 2 and wuerho… I also want some exclusive dinos to be appearing too…