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Due to Ludia, I think

I’m really done with this game.

It was good and promising but I’ve seen no progress or indication that they care about the fans. They mostly care about exploiting us for money than improve the game. If anything the gameplay has actually regressed. It used to about darting and leveling up your dinos so the higher the better. Now you can explore and dart all you want but if you ain’t buying boosts or incubators you lose to abominations of boosted common dinos.
All I see is laziness from my point of view. I’ve not seen a correct balance of dinosaurs. I don’t mean nerfs or buffs. I mean a better variety of moves for all dinos. They just want you to ($)boost the already common dinos everyone uses depending on your arena battle after battle.
You would think with the prices they charge they would actually invest more in the game but that has not been the case lately. Not like in previous updates.
They’ve robbed people of their money with the Boosts topic (due to now needing to spend more money on boosts) and that is something that really bothered me. I don’t buy them anymore in the new way they put it because it’s OBSCENE.
Where’s the progress of the game? All I see is more progress of Ludia wanting us to throw $$$ at them for meager content lol. They become worse than those “loot box” exploiters considering it’s a mobile game. I love dinosaurs but for the same reason I dont play FIFA anymore(if you can relate lol). They stopped caring about the fans. What can you do though? Sheep will be sheep. Those sheep will keep on spending because they can. If they cared they would be more considerate of those below their pay grade because they might think 100$ is nothing lol. I’m done for now…I mean babbling :slight_smile:.


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