Duels are not balanced im lvl 4 and 5 and get put up against lvls 7 and 8 and they all one shot kill my charcters so whats the point its like a lvl one peasant fighting a great wyrm!

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Yes, we all agree they need to change the matching mechanic. Hopefully they’re listening to the players. It should be based on average equipped item level, not on trophies. What you’re running into is players tanking to get to a lower trophy level so they can pick off easier players. Equipment matching would fix that.

Bazinga! PvP is not really based on trophy count as most matches are nowhere near people’s trophies. It’s supposedly based on someone’s personal best to prevent anti-tanking, but this doesn’t work to an extent.

If pvp was solely based on trophy count, people’s gear would eventually even out as you rise up the ladder. Although it is way more based on time invested and most companies aren’t interested in this. It’s when you introduce all this other artificial stuff is when you get these ridiculous matchups that are “even” in the eyes of the algorithm.

I agree. I didn’t say it was based “soley” on trophy count, merely that it was the starting point. That’s part of why people tank. And you’re right, it is also the recent win-loss record.

Either way, making it based on equipped gear and trophy count would even it all out. Let people with similar gear play against each other. The luckier/better players will win, but the weak won’t get hosed. And there would be no need to tank, or purposely keep character level low (which many do) etc.

Average gear levels will still overinflate your matchups and cause an artificial increase in difficulty, making it extremely difficult to overcome a losing streak. Streaks will naturally occur and it’s already hard enough to deal with.

PvP matchmaking is directly based upon trophy counts. Factors such as player renown, hero level and equipment have no bearing on matchmaking mechanics. If there are no events ongoing, combatants are matched within 200 trophies of one another in most leagues.

It should be noted that there is an unseen adjustment to trophy counts while events are ongoing. This is done to provide ‘Battle Mode’ players a significant advantage over ‘Event’ players, which escalates the resource cost for event players. This is why many matches are quite obscene during events.


How exactly would matching according to average equipped gear overinflate matchups? It seems that it is the best metric for evaluating actual team strength.

When I say trophy counts, I’m talking about the current number NOT your personal best. So many times have I seen a matchup way over 200 trophies (above and below) outside an event. Personal bests overinflate a player’s actual power and make all matches more difficult.

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One or two pieces of extremely strong gear will inflate this number and throw off the actual power of your team. I wouldn’t consider that fair and that would also discourage upgrading a single piece of gear.

No one is really happy with PvP matchmaking in WoW.

@Gurggled, my comments on the 200 trophy separation might be limited to my experience in the Labyrinth and Underdark Leagues. Although based upon past comments by other this seems fairly universal. Perhaps the League or Arena you are in allows for a greater diversification. Regardless, Ludia is quite incompetent at matchmaking and they seem to have settled on trophy counts as their chosen system.

Additionally, I am confident what you are referring to as ‘personal best’ is the event adjustment I discussed in my post above. You should find this adjustment limited to event periods only, although it has lingered after a few recent events.

I always suggest Retsamerol’s various guides (available here in the forums) as a good starting point in understanding how matchmaking and scoring work within the app.

I’ve just signed up to the forums as I’ve been reading all the PVP threads and the imbalance with great interest over the past week or so. The matchmaking does seem very unfair as soon as you start paying gems to run the Test of Might 2nd tier.

But also there are so many imbalance scenarios where certain characters can just wipe the floor with an entire team. Obviously the bard dominates your main damage dealer for 2+ turns is 1 of them. But also the number of times someone has spent a number of minutes reducing my team to either just the cleric or warlock and it’s 1 v 4 & at that point with the health regen weapons / (plus Res on cleric) I’m able to take their entire squad down in about 30 seconds. It’s almost like those characters end up in God mode as you get to attack with your most dangerous characters every turn they have to cycle through multiple and your cooldowns happen a lot quicker. It is a very odd system to say the least. I tend to avoid facing that situation myself by nuking those 2 in particular before I can end up in that position.

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