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Dumbest PvP battle in my history of the game

We’ve all had mind-blowingly absurd battles in this game but I think this one probably took the cake for mine (even worse than my dominated Raika killing my whole team and himself! In one AOE hit)

I had full health cleric, wizard, warlock vs enemy cleric

(He didn’t have the epic weapon so I felt safe to leave him to last - ie I wasn’t worried about that other utterly absurd pearler which we’ve all had in which enemy cleric kills your team one by one by getting death ward every turn)

I couldn’t kill enemy cleric (level 12-13 can’t recall) with level 14 wizard, 13 warlock, 13 cleric because his heal was so powerful that he’d heal to pretty much full health every time and then of course he got a turn after each hit. He didn’t even need to attack me, just waited 20-30 turns until the flames gradually spread healing almost every turn with a few hits here and there

What a pathetic joke. They really need to change the turn order when 3 or 4 vs 1.

You can’t leave their wizard alive if your 4 vs 1, you can’t leave their cleric alive, I’ve recently been killed twice in 4 vs 1 by a warlock for fricks sake!

Feel free to add your utterly absurd PvP battles below

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I have had that happen before

My most recent one happened when I was down to 4 on 1 vs enemies Paladin.

My Paladin is still only level 10 so I haven’t used him in pvp but until the last day or two I have seen nothing but complaints about them so I wasn’t worried

He takes a shot that hits all 4 of my guys. They weren’t all full health but a couple were and the others were close. He hit them all pretty big but I figured I was still fine. He would have to still kill off all 4 before I could heal or get him, and my limited experience said though they could hit hard they were actually sort of squishy.

So I take a shot at him and miss. He swings again and again hits all 4 killing them instantly. I was in shock. It took me a full second to realize the fight was over

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Do you know Cleric is a ZOMBIE?

my 4 allies vs enemy 1 cleric

he resurrected himself about 10~15 times
for just ONE match! It’s twice too!

this is insane!


If the Pally has the Epic weapon and it proc’s a few times in a row, even if the attack misses, his attack power gets huge. I’ve had mine over 4,000. Then if he does hit the damage is nuts.

I didn’t realize his power grows… like I said I haven’t used him much

Yeah that’s how she sneaks up on you. She hits for 1,000 and you don’t worry. Then she misses altogether but you don’t realize her attack is through the roof and her next hit is 4-5k or more on a crit. Now that they fixed her stats on the update with her restore and block options she is becoming more of a tank like a Paladin should be.

yeah, i agree
but i use this weapon

much more proc rate! and dmg instantly
this is really good!

Just reviewed all the Paladin weapons wow are they good!!! Possible the Legendary is the worst although maybe that changes when it is maxed. As someone who plays DnD hard not to equip the Holy Avenger maybe I need to be less sentimental about it.

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where is searing? lol
I think common is better unless L4 legendary

I’m a big fan of Paladin, so I was really looking forward to the holy-avenger but…

How on earth did y U get that common weapon so high?

grinding again and again in Lightfinger Estate (d13 is 270 common item) :laughing:

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Fair enough :slight_smile:

Not really. The math and explanation don’t check out with the data presented.

See this image uploaded by @Dungeoneer:

Note the excess of 1.7k common cards. Think about the time it takes to grind the Estates at 270 Commons a pop at about 15% of hitting the desired roll, not to mention the likelihood of getting that particular common on the challenge table, and the limited 48 hours to grind. It’s doable but it wasn’t how it was accomplished here given the time frame.

They were opened through many purchases of 3k red chests and/or 80 gem common packs.

No other in-game acquisition method leads to this state.

Although I guess botting is strictly possible if someone reverse engineered the client to server communications and devised an automated system to do challenge over and over at maximum speeds, I think that possibly unlikely. Commendable if true though, cuz accomplishing that sounds metal.

It’s just that Dungeoneer has posted Max leveled legendaries and challenges can’t account for 17 legendaries. Those came from red chests.

thats part of correct
recently, i opened some chest because of Jarlaxle :smile:
but it is true that i made maxed gear by challenge grinding for many hours

oct 7th

oct 9th

I never said I made it at once

So… there IS a point to going past ‘Max’ level on items?

Also, I recently beat someone at higher rank than me through the cleric zombie game. So glad I finally maxed that epic :smiley:

Recent got beaten by it

Cleric had about ten turns - 3 of which he healed 7 of which he popped Death ward, of course my cleric on about 5 turns didn’t pop it once :op

Why r u thinking there’s a pint going beyond max level? (Serious question)


Dungeoneer levelled commons past 13, so…

common caps at 15 which is equivalent to lv4 legend in stats