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Dumbest reasons to laugh at an opponent... literally

Imagine being such a loser you laugh at your opponent because you win with a much higher team AND get lucky with RNGs? Like hahaha I beat you because my team is stronger and I got lucky with crits not because I’m more skilled?


Yep, always great. Was just doing a battle, my 21 slightly boosted erlidom(75% hp) v 21 boosted rhinex (100%hp, didn’t have crazy stats) and I was faster and would have been able to kill it with a cloak, so I went for a cloak and they were lucky enough to go through it with di, and then they pointed and laughed, was almost an enjoyable match for me with all these smart plays and tricks that were used by the opponent and myself until that horrendous emote was used

gotta love how people can ruin it with these emotes


It’s like playing chess and you have your queen handicapped and opponent beats you and they BRAGGED about it, I mean like shame on those people especially since I’m not even supposed to be better than them if we are matched with similar trophies
People who have much better stuff are shameless enough to make a reaction because of their advantage


Just beaten someone who’s 4 lvls higher on average who also got 3 crits with maxima, and didnt stun when my Mrhino swapped. In the end when I won, instead of laughing at that person (who lost even with levels and luck), I simply said ‘good luck’ even though that guy pretty much had all the luck in the game


They are just trying to get a reaction out of you, like you have provided them. Just ignore it and don’t waste your time showing them they frustrated you.

Happened to me today. I was battling a Mono level 27 with 5 spd boosts, and he knocked out my mono, laughed. Well, when I get laughed at, and then I can annoy my opponent with something, I laugh back. I have the point & laugh emote just for some backup

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I just point and laugh too lol

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That’s one thing you can do, in the past when someone spammed laugh and point at me I just used yawn and when they yawn I’d laugh and point, now I just ignore them

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I just take both yawn and laugh emote off my deck because people seem to hate them so much. I get it with the laugh one but for the yawn one honestly I dont find it any offensive especially its only used when opponent is just pulling out another monster thor/metro
Anyway I now have thumbs down as an alternative for yawn which is literally same use for me but the people hate it less

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A stupid dropper beated me with his hadros heavily and boosted thor,
He kept showing his laughing emotes at my team of 23-21 level creatures…
He thinks that he had beaten the world’s top player…


And those Monolo users whose, Monolos are 27-30 levels outspeeding almost every of my creatures also laugh at me when I lose to them…

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Last month, I dropped down to the 2700s on my alt account (usually around 5000-5200) to get the rest of my all-commons wins for the achievement. I decided to use the most suitable stuff I could on the way back up so I could enjoy my time in each arena and not just rampage through everyone. While doing that, I ran into one guy who was awful. He was also a dropper, but using his big team, and also using the rudest emotes he could as he stomped my suitable team. Lots of “thanks” as he beat each dino, the pointing and laughing emote, stuff like that. It’s like… dude, you’re dropping down to beat up on people much smaller than you. Of course you’re gonna win. There is nothing to brag about there.


I just laugh at people who laugh and point at me with my brand new dodo emote lol. Fight fire with fire :fire: Lol


I fough someone with utasino,and he used indominus and laughed at me.
He’s the reason i use brachiosaurus in my team.

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I dont even mind the laughing emoji. Most frustrating emoji imo is the yawning one. Had some awful rng last tourney but outplayed many people to still climb.

When they get lucky rng some people always use the laugh and thumbs up emoji but when they then lose cause they got outplayed in the end they start yawning and letting time run out. This to mo is more frustrating and bad sportmanship than the laughing emoji.

Same for arena when they got the better team but get outplayed so many time stallers and yawners.

Don’t forget Ludia encourages this activity by making achievements based on sending xx number of emotes, so people will spam them too.

Best thing to do is just be the BIGGER person and ignore it. Don’t come to the forum complaining about it.

In my case, when they do it I just yawn. As in “woah, you beat me with your overleveled thor, yeah, that’s COMPLETELY original…”

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Yeah I hate time stallers so much as well, like if you’re gonna pick a move just pick it straightaway, unless you’re on a speedtie and you want to attack next there’s no point stalling other than wasting both our time ffs…
btw it might sound like Im talking to you but Im not lol

Dont let it get to you. It’s to get a reaction/ cause a slight distraction. Let them throw emotes into the void. For all they knwo their opponent could have them turned off.

Rarely do I throw out any emotes. A nice and a well played occasionally. But when someone griefs me first, I’ll gladly do it back.

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