Dungeon Master Pack Nerf


With the most recent update, Dungeon Master packs no longer guarantee a legendary.

I will not be spending anymore money on this game if this nerf remains.


I’m also quite disappointment. Legendary cards were already quite difficult to obtain.

They also nerfed the DM Chest :anguished:


It’s funny, because I logged in Friday night after getting a paycheck to see a patch and I was psyched!

Figured I’d drop 80$ and get 2 DM packs. Swipe over to the store and see legendaries are no longer in DM packs. Wallet never closed so fast.

I’m what some might consider a whale, and budget ~100-200$ a month for video games. I actually ended up spending money I would have spent on this game on another game (by another company).

Put the guaranteed legendary back and I’ll go back to buying a few DM packs per month!


The chests seems to be the same as before, legendaries were not guaranteed.
For the packs it is not guaranteed but you now can get some in other packs too. You can get more than the guaranteed. I got a legendary from adventurer pack and the rewards from packs increases as you peogress in play mode.


That might be good for casual players, but it has fully disincentivized me from spending any money on the game.


I just got a Dungeon Master Pack from Laeral’s Quests. I’m supposed to get between 2351-2821 gold, but I only got about 300-something. I had ~3200 gold before I opened the pack. Good thing I noticed before I started upgrading some gear at the 2500 gold cost.
At least I got a Legendary item for a character I use regularly.
** HAPPY EDIT - I just reopened the game to find the “missing” gold. So, in the future, I’ll remember to exit/restart the game to double-check. **
Edit: I just noticed that two separate screenshots from the Quests page show different gold & card amounts. I took them randomly last week, as I’ve seen screenshots asked for by the devs/mods here.


They’re not colossally different, but I’m curious - why do they fluctuate at all?


As you go up in story progress, the contents of the store packs improve to keep pace.