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Dupes Inconsistences

So, I understand that for each Love Interest there are 2 possible appearances.
E.g. Sam Knight and Michael Evans both have the same lines and conversations.

But it’s clear that one of them was written before, and It leads to some small inconsistences. I could find:

  • Saying you can see Michael’s blonde hair before First date (he has black hair)
    -Mocking Zayn Kassab’s middle name even though in the picture he sends there isn’t any (but on his dupes’ Jake there is)
    -Straight up MC calling Dominic ADAM.

How can we report those inconsistences? I’ve only today discovered this forum.

Thanks for reporting this to us, Ralimo! If you have any screenshots of the conversation/pictures as well, please don’t hesitate to send them over to our team at It’d really help us out. :smiley: