Duplicate dinos

What are good dinos to have duplicates of for events? For example, Labyrinthodontia and Nundasuchus are good for common/rare only events. But what others?

I’m fairly new to the forums and the game in general, but I would say most shybrids, like Tape, Diplo, and Dimetro are all very good and are worth having duplicates of for events and tourneys.


Dimetrocarnus, Indos, VIPs, and any glass cannons, as they all have fast CDs and are easy to get duplicates of.

Mmmmh, duplicates? A little impression from someone who plays to collect.


Wow! :star_struck: Are there some creatures where you don’t have full paddock?

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That’s a good one. :laughing:
I’m still dreaming of full paddocks for every creature but I know that this is never going to happen.


My advice is to do a lot of modded PvP, you will gain a lot of dinos, fill the paddocks, you will make a lot of coins. Once it’s filled you can do modded PvP and all of this creatures will convert into easy DNA. Also you can focus in filling the paddocks that give you better coin production.

Secondly, best easy and cheap dinos are s-hybrids; diplosuchus, dimetrocarnus and tapejalo.

I recommend you diplo level 20, dimetro level 10, and tape level 10, they won’t give you too much coins but they have almost the same stat than an indonominus level 20, also have shorter cooldown, so basically a full paddock of those three creatures will help win all of the tournaments easily, and you can build from there your team.

Good luck


Wow, thanks for the advice. It rings true and I appreciate it.

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