Duplicate dinosaurs


how is it that I’m battling someone with more than one of a dinosaur? They swapped for the same dinosaur, same level but full health.


May be something like Triceratops (rare) and Triceratops gen 2 (common)
I have a few like that already, although I don’t see the interest in putting both in a team as the rare is usually much stronger than the gen 2 at the same level.


Can also be a bot player (AI) ; they sometimes tend to have the same dinosaurs.


I agree with granger he is correct it’s impossible for duplicates to be in the game but youll see same dino just different . One could be common other rare or gen 2 ect…


People are botting already?? Next it will be spoofers fml please don’t allow this stuff get on top of before it happens please administrators :+1:


I think they meant official game bots designed to provide Arena battles if the game population is low when you’re trying to battle.


Yesterday I battled an opponent with 2 Gorgosaurus. That creature doesn’t have a gen 2.