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Duplicate Legendary Alive and Well :(

I’m posting this here because they didn’t believe me when I submitted a ticket the first time. And today it continues. This is the 4th of these I’ve gotten in a row. What are the odds? Maybe if it was a decent Legendary I wouldn’t complain, but honestly I have a hard time believing Ludia’s posted odds t

o anything these days.

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My problem was actually solved - as of today, I no longer get the same item like i used to 12+ times in a row. I’m sorry you got that, i got one today too. Total junk item. I hope it’s better next time!

guildmate found 2 bracers in a 2for1. Lucky for him but it could have been an armor…

To be clear, I didn’t get this. I got this twice, after I got it twice before as well.