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Duplicate tournament bug

I just leveled up to level 40 (don’t know if this has to do with it) and in the battle section the tournament seems to have duplicated itself

They both have different standings and I didn’t enter the other division as its 12-59 and 60+

Not really a problem but wanted to point this out… wondering if I should do the tourney again to see if I get double the rewards lol


Happened before to me during Shunosaurus bracketed in early 2020. Reached Dom in both, got two Dom rewards.


If you have the creatures, I am tracking the bottom of Dominator is going to be around 1,250 so have at it.


ah, i really want to do both but again, account error

and as well don’t have time

i have the bucks and dino to go to Dom in the second one.


Decided to go for it… bottom of Dom is at 1115 and 1113

Also the rewards for the second tourney were so much better, got like 5 packs and db 3 or 4 times


Hey there, Popcorn4hire. Could I ask you to please email those screenshots to our team at If you could include your support key in the email as well, it’d really help our team out.

Thank you! :smiley:


This is awesome!!! Glad you got 2x.

I propose more glitches of this nature! :point_up:t4:

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