During Rare and Epic Scent should I catch every dino that appears?

I am curious whether you guys would recommend catching each dino, or if it’s more worth it to skip common dinos if you have a rare or epic scent open so that you don’t miss a spawn? Is it timed so that if you try to catch each one it’s possible or will I potentially miss out on catching something better

For the most part I do because it’s free DNA. Problem with being in zone 3 I get so many diplocalus that I don’t bother anymore and scents keep dropping them on me.

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I just don’t wanna be darting an iguanadon when I could be missing out no a monolophosaurus

I’ve had one or two spawn at the same time from a scent capsule and they haven’t vanished like they do out in the wild. If you don’t dart something that appears it wastes the time using the capsule.

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Good point, I know that epics like to disappear more than others though so I wonder about them not spawning or disappearing

I catch everything. I only don’t catch commons if i am low on darts and there are no available suplies in vicinity

I just use 1 dart on the unwanted dinos and let the timer run out. Just in case that’s how scent spawn mechanics work.

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There’s times I leave certain ones I really don’t want or need to just sit there. Nothing special happens if you elect not to dart a specific on. It just sits there for two mins and then disappears before the next dino is scheduled to spawn from the scent.

Yeah i waited for a better one ignoring lyranax and nothing spawned for two mins so now i just hit all as quick as poss

I agree, I get Lyranax too and it’s a waste of a dart so I pass most of the time.

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They spawn every two minutes whether you dart it or not.


I live in 3 as well. I threw a large common the other night trying for raptor. I got 2 rsptor total. All of the other? Diplocaulus and Dracorex gen2. Didn’t even bother with them.

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@Skies728 is correct. 2 minutes unless you’re in a dart at time of your next spawn. It will spawn fresh scent Dino’s on exit of your encounter but will then drop again on the standard 2 minute time frame (from my experience)

Even a VIP can dart one… begin next encounter and start walking, and get far enough for a double spawn on the next time tick

Exactly. That is why I wish migrations were zones moving rather than individual dinosaurs.

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