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Durnan sells directly Legendary cards

First time it appears for me. Is it worth saving 40k for a legendary?

Happy new year guys

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Too expensive for me, and I think the Epic item has a better effect. :sweat_smile:


If the legendary item offered is on your must have list I would grab it.

Similar to Ned, my preference is the Epic item in this slot.

However, it may be cheaper to acquire items via the 2-for-1 deals. 40,000 gold equates to 2000 gems. 2,500 gems provides 2 items in the 2-for-1 deals.

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The epic pant is “reduce all cooldowns” and the legendary pant is “ready all abilities “. Why is the epic better?

With respect for the level of my items, the Epic has a 75% proc rate v. only 20% for my legendary. Admittedly, at level 1 this is my weakest legendary,

Did not see that, you are right the epic is better :open_mouth:

The rare is better for most levels once you get it to level 10: 75% ready all abilities.

I always buy the legends in the shop for 40k gold, even if sort of crappy, but never for 2,000 gems. But I farm a lot and so always have extra gold sitting around and never need to buy gold for gems. Most I think would need to be more discerning and only buy the legends that are useful that show up. In my experience it’s sort of rare for them to be for sale for 40k gold. What I see is that most often showing up in the shop are the sales for VIPs for 2for1 legends for 2.5k gems, much less often 1 legend for 2k gems. Least often is the legend for 40k gold.

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Yep have had a flurry of legendaries in shop, unfortunately all of have been gems

Yeah, I always pass on the 2k gems for 1 legend because i have access to the 2 legends for 2.5k gems offers that show up regularly (every couple of days or so). I seem to farm just enough to sort of keep up with that better gem offer, so don’t bother with the worst gem offer.

Personally I’d buy the gold ones (if decent legendary) but never see them :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, seem to be super rare. I haven’t kept rigid track, but from memory I passed on the first one I saw when I was a new player, and have bought every one I’ve seen since. Less than 5 I’ve bought since I started early October, so roughly one or two opportunities a month give or take is what I’ve seen myself. Others may have more accurate notes, I’m just going off of my admittedly fuzzy memory.

I don’t think I’ve bought any, but only cued to the gold ones recently so probably didn’t notice them :frowning:

There are a few that are definitely worth it, one being saarvin’s legendary bracers. This one is not however, as the low proc rate makes almost any other item of that slot better even at level 2.

In order to be offered the 40k gold legendaries, you need to keep your cash count low :slight_smile:

Oh, you think that’s the key? I’ve been offered it at 300k and 200k and 100k gold. I try never to go below 100k gold and usually try to stay around 200k