Durnan's Advice: HERO LEVELS & RENOWN


Great post, only missed one point, for any of those things above to happen, you need Gold, and there is no real way in the game to earn gold. so get out your Visa card!


And the second big point. You will never have enough gear to upgrade just sitting around to level up. So again, get out the Visa to buy chests. I’m talking multiple thousands of each common and hundreds of each rare for a level.


THIS is the infographic?!?!

This summarizes a LOT of the complaints the beta testers have.

Why would we upgrade gear we don’t use on a character that we don’t use? Especially armour - it is 100% cosmetic in nature and doesn’t provide any abilities or different play of any kind.

Where does the gold come from?

Why don’t the devs care?
Why don’t the devs listen?

This. Update. Broke. The. Game.


An another thing about this post… where can i get a chest now ? Seem i can’t get any chest anymore since the last patch… only packs…

Indeed, the only chests I see are the ones we get from the shop, and the ones we get from secret/hero rooms.

Perhaps this foreshadows the re-introduction of regular challenge chests in the next update?

Devsplaining: when your fan base understands how the update works, they don’t like it, so you explain how the update works hoping it will fix everything.


Game is so broken I just stopped playing much at all … when once it was the only game I would play. I HATE leveling off items all my items are very far advanced and I’m not even half way from 12 to 13 off this garbage update.

The game now freezes, rewards suck vs effort, you had it almost perfect and looks like you refuse to take the advice from your beta testers.


Seriously, the balance between xp from playing and the xp from leveling items is incredibly broken. When you used to have to actually play a character to level them up, it made for interesting game choices and a required a variety of strategies to implement.

Like how do I coddle this level 3 noob through Frostsilver mines without them dying in the 5th room because my taunt ran out? Or debating which other 3 characters could compliment this new person’s abilities? Is it even possible to make a run without my cleric?

Now you just load up your four best and let the others sit on the bench! What is the point of using them when the xp from playing basically doesn’t count?

Keep the infographic, just don’t forget to fix the game too.


Great infographic, now we just need more ways to get those legendaries