Durnan's Shop glitch

I don’t remember if this is a known glitch/bug/issue, anyhow, at least in my case, this has happened on a daily basis in the last week.

Am I the only one?

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Hey there, @Fizbanius, I’d love to help but I’m not entirely sure what issue you’re referring to! :sweat:

Same. Have also found it completely empty several times now.

Yo @John 2 items to buy instead of 3

Has happened to me too. My quess is that the missing item is already maxed, and therefore not available.

@Fizbanius have you had the opportunity to sell maxed gear?

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Yo @JP1 yes, several times, epic, rare and common item. What about you?

Wow, it was really hiding in plain sight - I’ll forward this to our team so that they can take a closer look. Thanks!

Thank you @John

@Fizbanius Thanks for the info, I havent sold any maxed out gear so far. But most of my maxed are epics , so I it’s just a case of not getting lucky enough to sell extras instead of it being a bug.

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@JP1 and @Fizbanius

I have a ton of maxed legends and silverhand gear and sell them all the time in the shop :lying_face:

And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you also :grinning:

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@CPXZ @JP1 look guys, I’ve just sold 16 epic cards for 8k gold. It happens rarely (twice a week in my case), but it happens :slight_smile:

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No, I certainly believe you. I sell maxed epics quite often and enjoy the gold boost.

I was making a lame attempt at a joke to exaggerate the ability to sell and not trying to dispute your earlier post. Sorry if the joke didn’t come across or translate well. Certainly understand my attempt at some fun being hard to understand for someone who isn’t a native English speaker. Your post was all good in my mind :+1:

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Oh ok, sure, thanks for the explaination :joy:, i didn’t get it in the first time

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Hi Ludia, when I checked the store right now, it only showed two options to buy gear instead of the usual 3.

Is there a reason why this happened? I’ve never had this issue before. For reference, none of my gear is maxed, and I have neither Jarlaxle nor Joppa.
Thanks for your response

They say it’s not a glitch. Beeing the system completely random, it occasionally happens.

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