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Durnan's Store cards seems bugged


From what i’ve seen, the cards i can sell to Durnan ( extra cards) havent updated since yesterday.

I got the same 3 cards to sell to him ( which are cards i don’t currently want to sell) since the update.
And i’ve received about 3 or 4 free chests since yesterday so the 4 hour timer has been reset more than enough times.


Thanks for letting us know @Carpenter. If you think you still see the same Cards selling to Durnan after the next reset, could you email our support team here at with your support key so our team can take a closer look at your account and investigate? Thanks!


I’m glad someone else noticed too, I wasn’t too sure, but it seems the cards to buy and sell aren’t changing every 4 hours. They have changed, just not every time


SO, the cards did update, Once, since yesterday.

Got 3 different cards to sell last night, but this morning the same cards are still up. Could it be that the cards reset at the same time as the quests now ?


I had the same cards to sell at 8pm, 12pm, then again this morning. This is disappointing as I make lots of my gold from selling Commons that I’m not upgrading.


Getting same issue with cards. Unfortunately it is with cards I only have 1 of. :grinning:


So selling a card seems to resolve as it did change next refresh.


Seems to refresh once a day…


I also had a case where i sold a card, and 4 hours afterward i only had 2 cards available to sell ( and yes, those were the cards that were there before) instead of the 3 cards


The store is only updating cards to sell back once a day, and it’s updating cards to buy every 4 hours along with the chest. This is something that everyone has noticed. I kept a few screenshots and sent them into support, this is what I got back from support;

“The gear put for sale or offered to buy over, is usually random. However, it might be influenced by what gear you currently have the most in excess amount. Sadly we’re unable to disclose the exact specifics.
Hope this explains the situation better.
If there is anything else, feel free to reach out to us again.”

This is a garbage response to a KNOWN issue. I don’t care how the game picks what items I can sell back to the store. I actually had an common item stay in the store all day to sell back that I had 35 of, so I was able to sell 3 of them each time until it fell to 2 of them. I would like this fixed so the cards I can sell back are refreshed every 4 hours with the chest and cards to purchase. This is the main source of gold for me.


Yeah i agree, the stacks of cards chosen seems pretty random.

I’m looking at 2 stacks of common cards in their 20 - 30ies and a single rare card i received yesterday while i got some items i have 70+ cards of yet those don’t come up


haha, yeah, I’ve got a bunch of common cards that I have hundreds of, sure would like to sell those back. my options (once a day) usually end of being a common I have 40-50 of, and rares that I’m about to upgrade, so I won’t sell. not impressed with the store not updating, or the response that means nothing and doesn’t address the issue at all


So almost a week in and still not a hint of a solution from the devs / support.

The only thing i got was an email from support after 4 days (wrote on the 2nd, replied on the 6th) telling me to send screenshots of the game while i’m at durnan’s store page at different 4 hours interval…

I hope the devs will send a compensation our way for basically a week’s worth of gold we barely can make ( Maybe a reward pack through the Gift feature ? )


I’ve sent the same screenshots into support a few times now as well. I do think that compensation is in order as this is a large part of income and it’s been a week as you said.


This is anither issue they will not address.


Because they are trying to make everything that assisted players ability to level up go away, that way you are forced to spend money to advance in the game



So been almost 2 weeks, support is barely helpful, can we get some clear answers from the Devs or are we to assume as Siljy pointed out that they prefer NOT to fix it to try and entice people to throw money at the game ?

Here’s what i was told after sending in both my key number + a couple screen caps, no official statement since then :

Hi Carpenter ,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re still not getting any new gear to trade in the shop! Our team is aware of this issue and are working on a fix. In the meantime if you like, you can try selling the gear in order to get new ones, but if you would prefer to wait, that’s fine, too.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Told ya so.


Regeneration still not working the spell posts hit points but your character dose not get them… been broken since update.

I hate that you guys killed the loot system to junk!!

Give all 3 dice rolls already for :angry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::angry::angry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::angry::angry::angry::angry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: