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Dutch Player searching Alliance

Hi, i am a rookie player who wants to get better and learn from the better players, i can talk english and i am friendly. Also very active. Have some epics but thats it. Hope u can help, hmu with active clans. And clans that play raids!
The language of the Alliance isnt important, as long as they speak english :slight_smile: (or dutch)

Accept my friend request and I will invite you to fire storm(active, international alliance everyone can join)

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I did do it, and i sent an request to join

Ok accept aliance invite

Hoi je bent van harte welkom @RaptorRedemtion. Meesten spreken Engels maar indien nodig kan ik voor je vertalen. PM mij je ingame naam dan weet ik wie ik moet accepteren.


Hi you’re more than welcome @RaptorRedemption. Most speak English but if needed I could translate for you. PM me your ingame name so I’ll know who to accept.