Duties Bugs

Since update I had to reroll a stuck duty…unfortunately it has been well.over 24hrs since I rerolled and have not had the option again. I have another duty stuck that I want to skip. I did send a support ticket but am not holding my breath as they probably have thousands due to update issues. Meanwhile I am handicapped

Finally gave option but was well closer to 36 hours

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I’ve noticed my duties have stopped progressing since the update. Like, the “win 7 battles” has been stuck at 2 even though I’ve been playing. All of my duties aren’t working and it’s becoming annoying as duty chests are my only source of runes

If you reroll they should work again…seems to mainly be a problem with pre update duties

Runes are available other places as well, alpha chests, dragon book, quests

I shouldn’t have to reroll all 4 of my duties for them to start working. A couple were very close to being done too

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The same happened to me, specifically Hiccup’s win 7 battles mission. Reroll did fix it but it’s just a waste : / since I’m not gaining anything from it

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I’m having the same problem but with the win 15000 coins it has been stuck at 8000 for a while now.

Agreed. One reason I amwaiting on flight cluba

Yup, old duties reroll any w/o energy reward.

I got this duty earlier today from Astrid and it requires me to “Defeat 50 dragons in exploration”, it’s pretty obvious that we have to defeat dragons in the story nodes so i went there and barely managed to beat one stage, it counted but when i tried the next level i couldn’t get past the first wave. Then i tried all the other possible quests and none of them granted progress, no big deal as i just re-rolled it but the second duty i got after that was Dragon subdue again so i’m now here stuck for 24hrs losing a lot of keys due to this requirement and it gets worse because i also have Hiccup’s “Complete 3 duties”. For me Astrid is my main source of keys and having her duties “frozen” is a major loss.

I don’t think i’m the only one who can’t complete this duty so i’d really appreciate it if it was changed back to “Defeat 50 dragons in any mode”.



Please remove “Defeat 50 Dragons in Exploration” from Duties.

Players may be unable to complete this duty because their dragon roster is not strong enough.

There is no reason to force players to complete the storyboard quests.


Capt wacky doesn’t work the egg challange also?


The repeatable quest for eggs on the storyboard screen does NOT advance the duty “Defeat 50 Dragons in Exploration”. If it did then that would be a great solution to the problem.

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For me, NONE of the quests are advancing the Defeat 50 dragons duty. It’s been stuck at 30 for over 2 days.

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Reroll it and that should fix it.

I had this problem with the 15000 coins duty, but it works fine again.