Duties don't track, support's 'Start New Conversation' button is broken

Hi, did you guys broke the duties again?
My duties don’t track, i got 7 battle using purple and i brought toothless

also the support’s ‘Start New Conversation’ button is broken, i had submit the rating for the. last ticket i opened, and hit that button, but it’s always go back to that same conversation with blank stars.
edit:removed conversation screenshot.

and also win 1 alpha battle is there to do what exactly? we need to kill the alpha to finish that duties. i think “do 3 alpha battles” is a good replacement, so that our clan members could use their clan energy to hit the alpha and got their duty key.

i had heard my clanmates said the level up 10 had become level up 15, oh come on, we are struggling already to do level up 10, you need yo add 5 more? ridiculous at most.
some other members got win 7 battles using one of each color dragon, and it is also did not track. do we need to reroll this duties or what.

if we need to reroll, and there are many things that needed to be rerolled now that you broke or change it to almost impossible, then give us at least 5 reroll a day.

hope i heard back from you guys ASAP.



I have the some incidents.
It feels like a beta version. Not fine.


I don’t know about duties, but look what is happening to me. -_-


I got the bug too, I cant complete my duties, so sad T_T


yeah more like alpha version.

beta version of another game is still better than this version.

let’s hope they realized what they did wrong, changing duties to the extreme is jot gonna help, everyone here knows lv up 10 dragons is hard enough, and you have to increased it to 15, and hatching too.

please think, if you give us 8-12 eggs per repeatable quest, 150 eggs will need to play 15 times, that’s 75 energy. what a ridiculous amount since the duties now are harder than ever.

well done on yet another failed updates. we look forward to worse update yet from you, oh the arena, yeah that will be amazing, not gonna be worse than this, they said…


I think 10-20% of player will uninstall , 50% will unsub vip…lol


Hey Vikings, our team has been made aware of these issues, and they are looking into them.

@CR7, if you’re having trouble contacting our support team through the in-game support, please do not hesitate to email our team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key, and our team would be happy to assist you further once they see your message.


You can win an Alpha battle only when you are dealing the last blow and it is defeated. And there’s a duty that makes you collect Alpha keys already.

But I agree on everything else.

i think it was for everyone participating in defeating the alpha. if it is only for the one dealing the last blow, the key should be 10 or 15, not 1

Strangely enough, the duty got fulfilled while I played last against a clan Alpha that escaped. Duty is stupid.

It was supposed to be for the one who dealt the last blow. And no, every duty fulfilled gives you 1 key. But you also get clan chest keys depending on your participation and damage dealt, and of course on whether the Alpha is defeated or escaped.

But. The duty isn’t coordinated well, as it worked for me dealing the last blow to an Alpha we lost. It’s as bugged as it goes.

Well, at least it gave me 1 key and 5 energy. So there’s that.

Same here too… Both bugs: Astrid duties don’t register and sometimes I can’t see the life line of dragons in battle making it hard on last battle of quests.
I hope devs look up on all the bugs they introduced instead release Arena with more issues and the current ones…