Duties don't track

After updating I am no longer having anything tracked. I have done far more than 7 battles and yet I am 0/7. I have leveled up dragons without it getting tracked as well as getting a lot of gold for hiccup and yet he still wants more without raising the amount by 1. Pls fix!


okay, this is crazy. all duties does not move. please fix it asap. and i think you need to give us compensation for lost energy and duty progress

I’m experiencing the same issues with all duties. Haven’t gotten credit for winning battles or hatching eggs

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summon @Marcus @Ned and all moderators

please fix this issue asap, we’re losing keys and viking chest here

I think everyone is having this problem

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Yeah, I’ve noticed this as well. One of our clan members brought it up. Hope it gets fixed soon.

Hi everyone !
I have the same bug, but if you change your duty, it will work again. Of course if you have more than one duty affected ( like me also), you’ll have to wait for 22 hours before doing it again for another character’s duty… But at least this solution works, you’ll have one more duty working and that’s a long wait, but it may be quicker than waiting for another solution…
Hope it helps !

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Alsou chest progres in attackin alfa das not count points… 5 attacs 50 points earned and progres did not mowe…

Same problem here.

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I have the same problem.you guys should fix that asap please: like i have done almost 10 battles and still 0/50 dragons and 6/7 fights nothing moves…so much energy and keys towards the chests that could have been earned lost/wasted…sigh hope people will get at least a little compensation.i know updates can cause trouble but this way its almost unplayable.

I have a duty chest that I am unable to collect!? I was able to complete duties but the chest is now showing as such. I can’t do anything else as it’s telling me I have a chest to collect but can’t collect it. Help

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Have to wait for cooldown timer

So rather than being able to collect immediately as you would before, you now need to wait for hours!? :open_mouth:

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Update it got worse…i was on 14/15 for my chest even with the duties not tracking when i just started the game it had been reset to 0/15 this is outrages.LUDIA fix this please.i want those keys back please.

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Our developers are looking into the Duties! Thank you :slight_smile:

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I can’t play the game and feel disappointed

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I’ve been having a major issue with the duties since sometime last week. Didn’t have time to report it and 8it seems it spread with the update.