Duties: Flight Club Chest Bug

So a few days ago, instead of selecting a hard chest as usual, I decided to select a medium chest just to see what I would get on completion. Needless to say , when the experiment ended I went back to working towards hard chests. Problem is they keep reverting to back medium chests even though I selected a hard chest. Screen grabs taken within 1 hour.

Hey there, @Helen_McClure, I’m really not sure why this happened in your game! In order to investigate this more closely, reach out to our team at support+forums@ludia.com, including your support key in your email so that our team can find you faster in their system.

@Helen_McClure does it reset your cooldown every time it reverts back to a medium chest?

if it does, i will take medium chests everytime and hoard duties again like before, LOL