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Duty loops

Is it possible to get stuck in a duty loop? My main keeps getting level 15 (with something inbetween) and never hatch. I have to hatch to snog eggs to level my dragons so this is annoying amd im.out of fish.

My 2nd account hasn’t had level dragons in days and keeps getting hatch(with something in between). Im.having to level just to make room for the dragons and I’m overflowing with fish waiting for a level duty.

This is 2 or 3 days for both accounts. Had this happen previously as well, doesn’t seem like it can be coincidental
@Marcus @ned

I believe it’s random, @Talisax. However, if you have concerns, our team would be happy to take a closer look if you reach out to them at with your support key.

I think I will as it has happened twice,each time for a few days

I’ve had days where I swear hiccup is stuck in a loop with complete 3 duties, one random duty, back to complete 3. Sometimes I’ll get 4-5 complete 3 duties in a row that way.

Oof…Those are already the worst duties to get, I can’t imagine getting them so often :confused: I hope it gets worked out for you guys soon!

Main account is 3 days with one hatch, the rest level and then the one offs. Since posting, I’ve gotten level 15 two more times but I did have one hatch duty in there
2nd account has had 2 or 3 more hatch duties since posting with no level duty

Got 1 more hatch and then finally two level duties.

Would be nice if level/hatch were guaranteed to alternate

I am glad I am not the only one that has noticed this…
And I don’t want to seem like I have a tinfoil hat on but has anyone noticed that if you complete duties too fast the game gives you harder duties such as: complete 3 duties for Hiccup or the tedious Use 50 special tiles for Astrid?
It feels like if I am able to get a chest almost done within the 8 hours time limit I am bound to get hard duties next time around and if there’s days that I don’t really get around to completing duties I just get the easiest ones like Pet/Train/Hatch specific color dragon from Fishlegs or complete 5 quests for Astrid.
I am sure it’s mostly random but it sometimes feels like I am stuck in either an easy loop or a hard loop.

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