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Duty Reward Chests


I would like to start gathering information on the Reward chests.

There are 3 categories I know of so far

easy chest (5 keys to unlock)
medium chest (10 keys to unlock)
hard chest (15 keys to unlock)

I’d like to find out if it is worth waiting for the big chest.
Will edit this post later on, to keep it up to date


Hard Chest


It definitely is. I do hard mostly for the fish and the runes, but the scales and energy are also welcome.
What I don’t understand is why do people have to choose their next goal. I mean, unless people calculate fish and gold per energy and think: “Okay, I’ll gamble that the Duties aren’t broken and if I don’t get a 5\10key chest within X hours, I won’t be able to spin the grind wheel” - there is no reason not to pick the hard chest.
In fact, if we could just accumulate the keys and select the chest at any point so long as you have the keys - it could be a good way to take a smaller chest if we really need the resources asap.
But since this isn’t the case, and the Duty RNG goes from nonsense to broken nonsense, and you could get a Hard Chest in less than a day, or maybe even two days won’t be enough - I’d just take the best I can get.


I’ve been doing the duty chests, but one that keeps changing Ming USA and I can’t figure out how to compleypte it. It’s the “pet a dragon” and I have no idea how to pet a dragon. Any ideas how?


You need to go to the Roster tab, tap one of your dragons, then swipe your finger around for a few seconds on the dragon when you see it. If you’ve done it right, you should see some hearts floating from your dragon.


If you’re still after this info, the wiki (which I help maintain) is an excellent resource. This is the specific page regarding chests: