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Dying Dinos

I have the blood spatter turned off. However, the dinos still lay down and gasp for breath like they’re dying. The sound is awful. Get rid of it and return it to the old way.

It’s very upsetting especially as one who lost her dog last month!

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Oh that explains it. I already thought I had problems with my hearing when I heard those weird sounds. So the creatures just lay there in their blood until opponent does a move and those weird sounds are their struggle for breath? Damn. JWA just became so brutal in one update.

For me, I like realism and I don‘t have a problem with blood. I‘m also okay with it in battles, but really, it should be possible to turn it completely off including those sounds. Hopefully Ludia will fix this. I totally understand the players that don‘t like the new feature and I fully agree, it should be possible to deactivate it and enjoy the battles the way it was before.

Tbh, I don‘t really mind the blood it‘s more that spilling sound that creeps me out. :sweat_smile:

I didn’t realize there was a gasping sound to it. I usually play on silent and liked the dinos lying there until i picked my next one. Is kinda disturbing now.


I think just make a toggle option for it all

They laying there breathing kinda reminds me of the fact that the dinos don’t actually die, they faint. But now we get to see them like that. Though I understand It can be upseting for some. The sound is a bit disturbing.

Sorry you lost your dog. I know how terrible that is.

However, I play with sound turned off. I don’t hear their fainting noises when one is knocked out. Maybe you should do the same?

I actually like the added blood and them laying on the ground before you choose your next creature.

Thank you.

The sound feature is very important to me, it’s a good 60% of my game play enjoyment. Also as a dyslexic, sound cues are important to me. While I don’t necessarily need them on this game playing without them feels empty. There’s two types of dinos I don’t play because I hate their sounds.

It would be nice to toggle it off.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against gore in general. I love me some SAW movies. But not with animals. Not even dinos.

That’s why.

You’re welcome.

Hmm, maybe they’ll add a feature to turn it off for those that don’t want to deal with it?

Only the larger theropods have the heavy breathing. Everyone else is silent, but still moving.

No, they’re not silent. Some breathe heavily some wheeze and gasp. I can hear it and I’d like that gone as part of the no blood toggle.

Sorry to hear about the passing of your pet, perhaps they need to make the sound able to be disabled like the blood? personally it wouldn’t bother me since its just a game and they aren’t living animals so nobody is being hurt, but can understand why some would not like it.

However they are are dinosaurs killing each other in battle so, makes sense. But yeah, option to disable for those who choose too.

I agree! My 2 year old loves dinosaurs so it has been fun to play the battles together. We do it every night. But the way they changed it is so horrific that I just cant even play with him. I’m glad I keep the game on silent so I didnt even realize they gasped. His favorite is the T-Rex so anytime one died in the game we just told him he was sleeping now that will be VERY hard to explain away.